Top 5 Reasons to Pursue Your MBA in 2022

February 07, 2022

Top 5 Reasons to Pursue Your MBA in 2022

Completing a Bachelor’s degree with the desire to acquire more knowledge is the best thing you can do to feed your soul. After all, there is no such thing as an end when it comes to gaining valuable knowledge and expertise that will ultimately help you become a better version of yourself than you were the day before. After a Bachelor’s degree, the next step would naturally be to aim high for a Master of Business Administration (MBA), but is it worth the time and effort to pursue an MBA or an executive MBA course in Singapore? The short answer, is yes. The long answer: If you are preparing to enter the modern, competitive business world we have today, then an MBA is worth every penny.


What is an MBA degree?

An MBA is a graduate degree that provides students with fundamental management knowledge as they develop crucial leadership and soft skills needed to lead an organization—you get a holistic understanding of business across sectors such as accounting, finance, marketing, and more.

There is a myriad of professional and personal advantages to studying for an MBA degree. A masters qualification opens up opportunities for exposure to real-world research projects, career growth, and increased financial rewards, along with the chance to assume greater work responsibilities.

To learn more, here are four top reasons why you should start applying for an MBA degree today:


MBA or Specialized Masters

As the years go by, there is a diverse range of MBA programmes available that specialise in the varying aspects of today’s business world: international business, marketing, and IT management, to name a few. Working professionals in human resource (HR) management can pursue a master’s in HR in Singapore, while those in the international business industry can take up an MBA in International Management. With a wide variety of courses available, working individuals across various industries can take advantage of an MBA degree.


Management skills acquired

Most MBA programmes are helmed by professionals who are experts in their field. As a student, you get to develop necessary, advanced management skills that will aid in keeping the company successful. Depending on the study programme you choose, some of the skills you can obtain are improving people and leadership management skills, the ability to gather, interpret, and draft reports based on industry trends, and achieving the right expertise to keep the company’s finances healthy.


High average salaries for MBA graduates

By default, MBA courses might not have the cheapest fees. A report published by and GMAT in 2021 shows that professionals who have attained a Master’s Degree enjoy salaries that are 29% higher than those with a Bachelor’s Degree.

In Asia, research has shown that in 2022, the average salary for an MBA graduate is S$97,000, while executive MBA graduates receive S$103,000. Thus, you can consider an MBA education as an investment—ultimately, you get to cover the tuition fees in just under 1 year.


Benefits of studying a part-time MBA

The decision to pursue an MBA degree is a big step for aspiring managers, but not all have the time. Thanks to today’s modern technology, individuals are able to develop their business knowledge with a part-time MBA program while working full-time.

A primary benefit of choosing part-time is that you do not have to put your personal life on hold as you juggle between studying and earning money. Depending on the course, some have flexible hours and weekend classes—ideal for those looking to fine-tune their studies to fit their busy schedule.



When it comes to studying for an MBA, it is essential that you have a clear vision of your goals for obtaining the degree. This is so that you can convince the admissions committee that you are the right fit and have a long-term plan you are committed to achieving, thus boosting your chances of getting in.

Speaking of part-time MBA degrees, Aventis Graduate School offers a range of MBA courses suited for those who seek to take the next step in their education and career journey. An established graduate school with a successful track record of over 15 years and over 3,000 successful alumni. Aventis is the right choice for working professionals who are determined to align their goals with Aventis’ motto: aspire to new ambitions, achieve career success, and accomplish meaningful goals.

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