Graduate Diploma in Human Capital Development

Shaping Human Capital Strategy & Leadership in Asia 

Graduate Diploma in Human Capital Development


The Graduate Diploma in Human Capital Development is designed to equip HR & industry practitioners seeking to understand more on the “People-side of Business Strategy. It aims to equip you with the knowledge to deliver win-win HR strategy & business solutions that benefit both organization and its employee. This is a practical oriented program focus on delivering business solutions to improve organizational fit, employee engagement and long term business success.

This programme is for the passionate professionals seeking to:

  • Understand positive psychology and workplace relationships
  • Find answers to daily challenges faced at work
  • Apply this knowledge
  • Anchored in business foundations and linked to strategy 
  • Advocates of highly effective workplaces

This is a practical oriented programme focused on delivering practical solutions to improve organisational fit, employee engagement and long-term success for career and life progression.

6 Months Part Time
Weekend Classes
4 Modules

Programme Structure

This programme comprises of 4 modules, which will help you gain cutting edge Human Capital Development & Leadership skills using current industry best practices as case studies and benchmark.


Examines issues surrounding how individuals and groups are organized, how they work and how they behave within the modern workplace.

Equip you with effective performance appraisal techniques that will enable you to more efficiently monitor and improve their organisational performance.

Provide you with a step by step guide towards talent and career management through a systematic planning framework.

Provide a deeper understanding of leadership theory; reconciling that with practical application in the ‘real world’; and finally, encourage the development of personal skills in this area.


This is 100% coursework based programme.

Delivery Structure

The classes would be held at 4 weekend blocks of 2 full day classes.

9am to
9am to


After studying this Graduate Diploma, you would be able to have a chance to pursue a rewarding career as a (but not limited to):

  • HR Organisational Development Specialists
  • Career Coaches
  • Learning and Development Professionals
  • Talent Management Specialists

Admission Criteria

Participants are expected to contribute to the class learning experiences in a cohort and peer learning environment. You will be assessed based on experience, aptitude, potential and managerial skills.

At least 21 years old with a Degree in any discipline

A Diploma in any course (minimum of 5 years relevant work experience).

Mature Candidates (at least 30 years old) with minimum 8 years of working experience.


Please download the brochure or enquire at 9151 3308 for more information.

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"Truly, I have gained tremendous insights in further developing my knowledge and learning experience from the inspiring and engaging session. It was important for me to make the right choice in selection; an institution with friendly, helpful and professional support staff makes the learning more refreshing and encouraging."
Ms. Jane KF
Chief Steward SQ


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 9151 3308.

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