Bounced Back from Any Challenges in Life with Aventis CARE Initiative Here

Dear Singapore,

Greetings from Aventis. As part of the Aventis CARE Programme to promote mental wellness and workplace counseling services, we are proud to extend 5 sessions of pro-bono counselling and coaching for all our students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Aventis CARE Mental Wellness Programme: Aventis Wellness Coach, Ms Erin Lee

Let Us Help You Overcome Any Challenges You have

Whether it’s the pandemic, workplace challenges, financial troubles, divorce, health issues, the death of a loved one or losing your job, we will all, at some point, experience the pain, hurt, and suffering when difficult events occur in our lives.

Take a Positive Step to Help Yourself and Those Around You

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, or momentarily stuck with challenges, we can help you find your own balance, focus, and strength. Here, our clients are also assured of a safe and non-judgmental environment. Look forward to a re-energized self.

Complimentary Session (45 mins) of One to One Counselling Via Zoom or Chat Counselling

Let our team of Master Student Counselors and Workplace Counselors help you overcome anxiety, feeling stressed, worried, fearful and completely out of control in your life, to experience calm, deep inner peace and happiness, no matter what the current circumstances are! 

Our counsellors-in-training are experienced professionals who are students from Roehampton University, London’s Master of Arts in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy programme. They are well equipped to provide you with support and assistance to anyone who is facing adjustment issues, study stress, medical conditions, or temporary disabilities.

100% Confidential and Complimentary

All sessions are strictly confidential and complementary.

Claim Your 1st Session Today (Valid till August 15th, 2022)

There is no obligation. Claim your 1st session today. You can select your preferred choice of counsellor with a simple click and register your very first session with a scheduled booking at a time of your convenience.

Simple 1 Check Booking

Booking of counseling is simple and easy. Just click and book your time slot and the student counsellor will respond to you within 24 hours. Due to the COVID situation, all counselling will currently take place via Zoom or SMS.

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