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Graduate Diploma In Business Sustainability & Environment, Social And Governance (E-Learning)

Awarded by Aventis Graduate School


The government and customers are beginning to expect more from businesses than just the chase of profits. Businesses must increasingly respond to the expectations of their stakeholders, including customers, investors, the community, society, and the environment, about their efforts to be sustainable.

Understand how Environment, Social and Gvoernance (ESG) affects a company and the opportunities it presents in order to be a change catalyst. Discover the changes that must be made and how to close the sustainability gap.

Learn sought-after leadership techniques for sustainability that can help you manage climate risk, promote ESG integration, and provide long-term value for your shareholders and society.

You must comprehend the legal framework, political instruments, global agreements, and business’s role in establishing a zero-carbon economy. Organisations are also embracing and integrating sustainability into their operations to be in line with the Singapore Exchange’s ‘comply or explain’ ruling, or mitigate the impact of the upcoming carbon tax. You will also develop the competency to recommend ways in which a corporation’s governance can embed sustainability.

Preparing Professionals and Businesses for a Sustainable Future

Globally, businesses are recognising the opportunities and benefits of adopting corporate sustainability. The emerging green sector is poised for growth in years to come and is increasingly being regarded as a sector with job opportunities in areas such as renewable energy. To take on jobs in this sector, it is important that its workers be equipped with the relevant skills. Equip yourself with the right skills to take advantage of career opportunities in the green sector.

Career Opportunities

Jobs in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sector surged 257% in Singapore over the previous three years, from April 2019 to April 2022, as corporations and organisations prioritise addressing climate change (Indeed Singapore).

According to a statement from the international employment portal Indeed, the biggest spike in demand happened between April 2021 and April 2022, when job posts increased by 95% as opposed to the previous year’s 75% growth. The increase in job openings partly correlated with the February 2021 release of Singapore’s Green Plan, which details the steps to make the economy more sustainable, invest in clean energy, and increase the number of environmentally conscious careers.

Thriving career opportunities include:

ESG Diploma

Who Should Attend?

Senior decision-makers include CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Vice Presidents, and Heads of Department to help them come to a better understanding and appreciation of sustainability-related risks and impacts and the importance of integrating sustainability into the organization.

Consultants, trainers, and academics wanting to understand how you can apply new sustainability research and insights to your clients’ businesses. Professionals and senior executives involved in the day-to-day functions of a business who want to play a role in proposing strategies or company-wide policies.

Senior leaders, CXOs, and board members are exploring how to leverage sustainability to improve organizational resilience and build competitive advantage.

Trainers, consultants, coaches, and professional service practitioners who wish to understand and apply sustainability concepts and insights to strengthen the services they provide to clients.

Committee Members and managers who are tasked with leading and supporting sustainability-related initiatives in their workplaces.

Professionals exploring new career paths or broadening their skill set within your current role.

Working professionals who are keen to learn about the fast-evolving area of business sustainability, so as to sharpen the saw and explore new possibilities.

Senior officers and business leaders seeking to expand their knowledge of sustainability across various organisations, industries, and practices including business, consulting, environmental, social and governance (ESG), and energy sectors.

Why Choose Aventis Graduate School?

Gain access to an outstanding education built on Aventis’ 15 years of exceptional global reputation in graduate education. Attend a business sustainability course and earn a qualification from a graduate school that you can trust and respect.

Aventis Graduate School is member of the GRI Community, a global community jointly advancing sustainability reporting Be at the forefront as a sustainability reporting consultant where you can gain access to year-round program of in-depth learning and knowledge-sharing on sustainability reporting topics and trends. Engage with a global network of sustainability practitioners and more.

As an academic institution of higher learning, Aventis Graduate School is deeply committed to the development of current and future senior managers and committed to implementing the Principles for Responsible Management Education starting with those that are more relevant to our capacities and mission to provide future leaders with the skills needed to balance economic and sustainability goals. Our educational programs, research initiatives, and community engagement activities align closely with the United Nations Global Compact agenda, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Aventis is one of only 4 Business Schools in Singapore that is a member of the Executive MBA Council, the World’s Leading Body that champions advancement in MBA. Other members include the National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore Management University (SMU), and Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

ESG Diploma Singapore

Aventis is one of only 8 Business Schools in Singapore that is part of the AACSB International Business Education Alliance. Other members include Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS), National University of Singapore (NUS), and Singapore Management University (SMU)

Programme Structure

This programme comprises 4 modules, which will help you stay competitive in a rapidly changing landscape by learning how to implement integrated sustainability strategies in your business. In this programme, you will learn industry best practices as case studies and benchmarks. This is a 100% coursework-based programme.

Start Date

July, Sept, Nov


6 Months Part Time


09:00am - 05:00pm

Programme Delivery

The classes would be held in 4 weekend blocks of 2 full-day classes.

9am to 5pm9am to 5pm9am to 5pm9am to 5pm

What Will You Learn?

  • Gain a deep understanding of the opportunities of business sustainability strategies, and how to implement best practices.
  • Investigate sustainability-related problems, trade-offs, and tactics as you develop the ability to lead sustainable business efforts.
  • Acquire skills and competencies to leverage technologies to solve sustainability issues and drive solutions.
  • Learn to navigate the conflicts that exist between following the law and enhancing business performance.
  • Learn the skills necessary to handle the complex sustainability issues that organisations are currently experiencing. 
  • Create a successful ESG strategy to carry out sustainability projects and include others in the creation of sustainable business practices.
  • Acquire essential frameworks, models, and tools to make informed decisions about how to pursue sustainability as a foundation for your competitive strategy and advantage.
  • Gain the skills and competency to effectively develop, execute, measure, assess, report, and communicate on corporate sustainability in your organisation.

Expert Faculty

Blending extensive industry and academic experience, our expert faculty will deliver a seamless educational experience that empowers your career and academic success.

Mr Chan Mun Wei

Founder & Principal Consultant, SustainableSG, 

Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences. (Stanford University) Master of Arts in Education, MBA (National University of Singapore)

  • Principal Consultant for commercial, government and non-profit organizations on sustainability, strategy, risk and entrepreneurship.
  • Engagements include training and measuring the corporate carbon footprint for an online content business, advising a Singapore company that manufactures plastic bags to assess risks and develop a circular economy business model.
  • Working with non-profit organizations to align its sustainability strategy and reporting with the Sustainable Development Goals, writing sustainability reports for SGX-listed companies, advising clients on international leisure and eco-tourism developments, consulting with a leading charity on social sustainability initiatives to serve the needs of Persons with Disabilities.

Mr Kavickumar Muruganathan

Msc (Environmental Management)

  • Sustainability, ESG, and energy management professional with over 10 years’ supply chain experience across Europe, APAC,and Africa
  • Nominee of GreenBiz & World Business Council for Sustainable, Development “30 Under 30″ emerging global leader enlistee
  • ‘Sustainability & CSR Champion’ honoree by the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Society

Course Curriculum

Corporate Sustainability Management and ESG Strategy

You will learn how to set up and implement corporate sustainability. This includes identifying your organization's current stage in your sustainability journey as well as developing a focused ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) strategy, ambitions, targets, and a step-by-step implementation roadmap. The course will also present current sustainability issues relevant to different industries and organizations.

Sustainability Reporting and Strategic Communication

Equip you with knowledge of the latest global sustainability reporting framework and guidelines. It is relevant to companies that are considering reporting, either within the annual report or as a separate standalone sustainability report. During the course, we share case study examples, both local and global, and provide guidance on how to implement the guidelines in practice. Our training is based on our depth of hands-on expertise in producing award-winning sustainability reports.

Responsible Sourcing, Supply Chain Management and Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable sourcing is the incorporation of social, ethical, and environmental performance criteria into the supplier selection process. It includes purchasing sustainably preferred products and services as well as green purchasing guidelines that might pertain to certain products or commodities. Sustainable sourcing is needed because supply chains continue to expand globally into developing countries for lower costs and larger production capacity. This expansion exposes companies to increased risks and heightens the expectations of their stakeholders. Company stakeholders expect corporations to take responsibility for their suppliers' environmental, social, and ethical practices. Now, companies are increasingly making sustainable sourcing an essential part of their procurement and supply chain management processes.

Understanding Green Financing, Risk, Profit, and Purpose

Sustainable finance is the practice of integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into financial services to bring about sustainable development outcomes, including mitigating and adapting to the adverse effects of climate change. Investment decisions were traditionally made based solely on financial measures. With sustainable finance, the impacts of ESG indicators are integrated into investment decisions to ensure the lasting benefit of both clients and society at large. Many companies have started to take urgent actions to implement it in business practices. But what exactly is it?

Admission Criteria

In a peer and cohort learning setting, participants are expected to take part in the class' learning experiences. You will be evaluated based on your background, managerial abilities, potential, and aptitude.

At least 21 years old with a Degree in any discipline


Mature Candidates (at least 30 years old) with minimum 8 years of working experience


ESG Diploma Sg

You will receive a Graduate Diploma in Business Sustainability & Environment, Social And Governance (ESG) from Aventis Graduate School, which is accredited by Skillsfuture Singapore, after completing the programme.

Academic Journey

Upon completion of the ESG Diploma, you can apply for our suite of MBA and Specialised Master's Degrees, and other Business Sustainability courses.

Sg ESG Diploma


Our Graduate Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Diploma is one of the most affordable in Singapore. Download our brochure for more information about our available grants.

Success Stories

Business Sustainability Course Singapore
"Truly, I have gained tremendous insights in further developing my knowledge and learning experience from the inspiring and engaging session. It was important for me to make the right choice in selection; an institution with a friendly, helpful, and professional support staff makes the learning more refreshing and encouraging."
Ms. Jane KF
Chief Steward SQ
“Your learning will also take place in the company of experienced working professionals, just like yourself, who can provide a unique vantage point on the subject at hand. Whether you are seeking to expand your knowledge, to further develop your qualifications or to widen your network, you will find that Aventis offers you an opportunity to do so like no other.”
Mr. Cheo Hu Gang
Manager, Rotra Chemicals
“Mun Wei has a wealth of experience in the area of sustainability, and he is very generous with the sharing of his knowledge and insights. For someone who is not familiar with this area, there are many take-aways to chew and ponder upon in the journey of establishing sustainability strategies following the completion of this course. However, what is most useful is the guidance given as well as the tools and channels to possibly ride on as part of the journey.”
Mr. Zen Lee
Deputy Director, Marketing Communications, APM Property Management

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Graduate School?

A graduate school is a school that awards advanced academic degrees with the general requirement that learners must have earned a previous undergraduate or a mature candidate with more than 8 years working experience. Graduate school focus on professional development as compared to traditional school which focus on academic theories and research.

Is Aventis a recognized institute?

Aventis Graduate School is registered with the Committee for Private Education under Skillsfuture Singapore and complies with the Private Education Act. Aventis is also a member of AACSB Business Alliance Group and EMBA Council.

How is Graduate school different from other education?

Compared to other studies, graduate school is a more concentrated course of study with greater expectations for the quality and quantity of your work. Graduate programs also entail a more focused studies in a specific discipline with emphasis on practical experience and case studies.

What is a Graduate Diploma?

A Graduate diploma is an advanced diploma that is usually taken after a bachelor degree. A graduate diploma is typically shorter in duration than a master degree course and should be viewed as an additional specialisation that improves a person’s overall employability. For a graduate diploma qualification to be offered in Singapore, the awarding body must be registered with Skillsfuture Singapore and the Committee for Private Education

What is a Postgraduate Diploma?

Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF)

A postgraduate diploma is considered as a Level 7 academic qualification under the RQF (UK).  Postgraduate qualification are commonly awarded in UK, Canada, India, Australia and New Zealand. Similar to Graduate Diploma, Postgraduate diploma is typically done after a bachelor’s degree course. In some countries, the terms graduate diploma and postgraduate diploma are interchangeable, whereas in others, the postgraduate diploma is a higher qualification.

If I am a self-sponsored candidate, do you have financial plans to help me pay for my education?

Once you’ve decided on a course that you’re interested in, and that you can qualify for based on the entry requirements, we can arrange installment plans or loans through our banking partners to ensure that your dreams and career are never out of reach.

How long will it take to complete my studies?

Course duration depends on your selected area of specialization, typically you can complete your graduate diploma in 6 months and masters in 12 months part-time. please speak with one of our consultants for more detailed information.

Is the Masters Degree Awarded the Same as On Campus?

The Masters degree awarded to you is exactly the same as awarded on campus in UK or USA. You are invited to join the graduation in Singapore or on campus.

Do you offer online programmes?

Yes, to cater to the growing demand of graduate education across the world, most of our courses are delivered via ZOOM Live Stream where you can study anytime anywhere. All classes are also recorded for easy revision.

What is a typical class profile?

A typical cohort comprised of Singaporean, Permanent Residents and foreign expatriates working in Singapore. There is also a growing number of professionals that are not located in Singapore embarking on our graduate programmes due to its flexible online delivery model.

Are scholarships or study loans available?

Study grants are available for a limited number of students from not-for-profit organizations and government agencies. For more information on study loans that are available, please contact our admission officers to learn more.

What are the available instalment payment schemes?

At Aventis, we offer flexible and affordable instalment payment scheme for our postgraduate and graduate diploma programmes. You are eligible to pay your fees over 12 months interest free instalments (DBS credit card) or over 3 instalments with ATOME.

Do I need a Bachelor Degree to be admitted?

Whilst a bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional qualification is recommended, candidates above 30 years old with extensive working experience may be consider on a case-to-case basis. Please contact our programme advisors for more information.

Are there any other hidden fees besides the course fees?

The course fee cover Tuition, Academic services, Required readings and teaching materials, E-learning resources, Web-based information services. There is a one-time application fees of S$200 plus GST. All fees are clearly stated and there will not be any additional hidden fees.

Can I Deferred my Studies? Will I Be Penalized?

All our programmes are designed for working professionals. Learners who are unable to commit to the course requirement are advised to defer their studies to a later date. There is no academic penalty imposed on deferment. Please check with the respective programme advisor on the deferment cut-off date of the respective programmes.

Is Attendance Compulsory?

No, there is no minimum attendance requirement. Whilst there is no minimum attendance required for our programmes, students are recommended to attend 75% and above of all classes. Students who are unable to attend classes are strongly advised to watch all recordings before attempting any assessment or coursework.

Can I refer my friends or Colleagues?

Yes, graduate education are dynamic learning experience where you learn from your peers through discussion, reflection and case studies. As a gesture of goodwill, we will extend a referral fee of $400 (Masters Degree) or $200 (Graduate Diploma) for each successful referral. Terms and conditions apply.

Can I Graduate Overseas instead of Singapore?

The Masters degree conferred to you is exactly the same as awarded on campus. You are given a choice to graduate in Singapore or on campus in London or in United states.

How do I get started?

Please click on the Request Information Link below and speak with our programme advisor to get started.

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