Success Secrets: Why Marketing Directors are one of the highest paid roles in Singapore

July 08, 2023

Success Secrets: Why Marketing Directors are one of the highest paid roles in Singapore

A Brief Overview of the Highest-Paying Jobs in Singapore 2023

Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2023

Taking a page from Morgan McKinley’s 2023 Salary Guide, we review what employees with 5-10 years of experience are being paid while working in a permanent role. This year, the guide compiles results from 3,860 professional and 636 employer/hiring manager respondents. The results shows that Marketing is one of the highest paid role where senior executives with 5 to 10 years experiences can earn on average $300,000 per annum.

Ignite Your Marketing Career with a Masters of Global Marketing: Unleash the Power of Globalization

Marketing directors are responsible for managing and directing marketing tasks on behalf of their organization. They oversee their organization’s marketing professionals and specify the scope of its marketing requirements and needs.

Your Marketing Career Path 

No two careers are the same. Some people take their time to learn skills and progress in their career. Other decide to forego the usual route and focus on becoming an expert, instead of moving into management. So while these are the general routes of progression, they are by no means the only options available to you.

Here are some key reasons why marketing directors are in hot demand in Singapore.

Growing Digital Landscape: Singapore has a vibrant digital economy and is known as a regional hub for technology and innovation. As businesses increasingly focus on digital marketing strategies and e-commerce, the demand for Marketing Directors who possess expertise in digital channels, data analytics, and online consumer behavior is on the rise.

Regional Headquarters: Many multinational corporations (MNCs) choose Singapore as their regional headquarters for the Asia-Pacific region. These companies require experienced Marketing Directors to develop and execute marketing strategies tailored to diverse markets across the region. Marketing Directors with regional experience and cultural sensitivity are highly sought after.

Rising Entrepreneurship and Startups: Singapore has a thriving startup ecosystem and is a magnet for entrepreneurs. Startups often require Marketing Directors to establish and grow their brands, develop go-to-market strategies, and drive customer acquisition. The demand for marketing leadership in the startup scene contributes to the overall demand for Marketing Directors in Singapore.

Customer Experience Focus: With increasing emphasis on customer experience and personalized marketing, companies in Singapore are seeking Marketing Directors who can create customer-centric strategies and deliver exceptional brand experiences. Marketing Directors who understand consumer insights, segmentation, and customer journey mapping are valuable assets in meeting these demands.

Competition and Market Expansion: Singapore is a highly competitive market across various industries. Companies need Marketing Directors who can differentiate their brands, develop effective marketing campaigns, and expand market share. Marketing Directors with a track record of driving growth and delivering impactful marketing initiatives are in high demand.

Integrated Marketing Approach: Companies are recognizing the importance of an integrated marketing approach, where multiple channels and touchpoints are strategically aligned. Marketing Directors who can seamlessly integrate digital marketing, traditional advertising, social media, content marketing, and other marketing channels to create cohesive and effective campaigns are highly sought after.

Talent Shortage: The demand for experienced and skilled Marketing Directors often exceeds the supply of qualified candidates in Singapore. As a result, companies compete for top marketing talent, leading to increased demand and attractive compensation packages for Marketing Directors.

The combination of Singapore’s digital landscape, regional business opportunities, startup ecosystem, customer-centric focus, competition, and talent shortage contribute to the high demand for Marketing Directors in Singapore. This trend is likely to continue as businesses recognize the importance of strategic marketing leadership in driving growth and staying ahead in the dynamic marketplace.

Skills and Credentials You Need to be a Successful Marketing Director

To excel as a Marketing Director, you need a combination of strategic thinking, leadership abilities, and a strong understanding of marketing principles. Here are key skills and qualities that are essential for success in this role: 

The Top 10 Skills You Need to be a Marketing Director in Singapore

  1. Strategic Vision: Marketing Directors must have a clear strategic vision and the ability to develop and execute comprehensive marketing plans aligned with overall business goals. They need to identify market opportunities, assess competitive landscapes, and position their organization for long-term success.
  2. Leadership and Team Management: Strong leadership skills are vital to inspire and guide the marketing team. Marketing Directors should be able to motivate and mentor their team members, delegate responsibilities effectively, and foster a collaborative and innovative work environment.
  3. Market Research and Analysis: A Marketing Director needs to possess excellent market research and analytical skills. This includes conducting market research, analyzing consumer insights, tracking industry trends, and interpreting data to make informed marketing decisions and drive business growth.
  4. Strategic Brand Management: A deep understanding of branding principles and the ability to develop and maintain a strong brand identity are crucial. Marketing Directors should have expertise in brand positioning, messaging, and creative development to effectively communicate the brand’s value proposition to target audiences.
  5. Multi-Channel Marketing: Marketing Directors must have a comprehensive knowledge of various marketing channels, including digital platforms, traditional media, social media, content marketing, and more. They should be able to create integrated marketing campaigns that leverage multiple channels to reach and engage target audiences effectively.
  6. Budgeting and Financial Acumen: Strong financial acumen is necessary to manage marketing budgets, allocate resources efficiently, and evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of marketing initiatives. Marketing Directors should be skilled in budget planning, cost management, and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure marketing efforts are cost-effective and drive business outcomes.
  7. Communication and Influencing Skills: Effective communication skills, both written and verbal, are essential for Marketing Directors to articulate their vision, collaborate with cross-functional teams, and present marketing strategies to stakeholders. They should also be skilled in building relationships and influencing decision-making at all levels of the organization.
  8. Adaptability and Innovation: In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, Marketing Directors need to be adaptable and open to embracing new marketing trends and technologies. They should encourage innovation within the team and be willing to experiment with creative ideas to stay ahead of the competition.
  9. Project Management: Marketing Directors often oversee multiple marketing initiatives simultaneously. Strong project management skills, including planning, organizing, and coordinating resources, timelines, and deliverables, are critical to ensure successful execution of marketing campaigns and projects.
  10. Ethical and Responsible Marketing: Marketing Directors should demonstrate a commitment to ethical marketing practices and social responsibility. They need to understand the impact of marketing activities on society, customers, and the environment, and ensure that marketing strategies align with ethical standards and legal requirements.
Career Opportunities with a Master of Global Marketing in Singapore

In today’s interconnected world, businesses are expanding their reach across borders, and global marketing has become a critical component of their success. Are you ready to take advantage of this exciting trend and propel your marketing career to new heights? A Master of Global Marketing in Singapore can open up a wide range of career opportunities as global Marketing Director

Look no further than our flagship Masters of Global Marketing programme awarded by University of Roehampton London which is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel in the dynamic field of international marketing.

Benefits of MSc Global Marketing includes:

Broaden Your Skill Set: Our comprehensive curriculum provides a deep understanding of global marketing strategies, consumer behavior, market research, branding, and digital marketing. Gain expertise in identifying and targeting diverse markets, navigating cultural nuances, and crafting effective cross-cultural communication strategies. Develop the agility to adapt marketing campaigns to different regions and successfully launch products in international markets.

Seize International Opportunities: As companies expand their operations internationally, the demand for marketing professionals with a global mindset is skyrocketing. By earning a Masters of Global Marketing, you position yourself as a valuable asset to organizations looking to capitalize on global market trends. From multinational corporations to startups seeking global expansion, the career opportunities are vast and diverse.

Navigate Cultural Complexity: Today’s marketing landscape requires professionals who can navigate cultural complexities and create campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences. With our Masters of Global Marketing, you’ll gain a deep appreciation for cultural diversity, enabling you to develop culturally sensitive marketing strategies that break through cultural barriers and create meaningful connections with consumers around the world.

Leverage Digital Transformation: In the digital age, marketing is constantly evolving, and mastering digital marketing strategies is crucial for success. Our program equips you with the latest tools and techniques to leverage digital platforms, social media, and data analytics to drive targeted marketing campaigns across borders. Stay at the forefront of digital innovation and harness the power of technology to reach global audiences with precision and impact.

Expand Your Global Network: One of the greatest advantages of pursuing a Masters of Global Marketing is the opportunity to build a diverse and influential network. Connect with fellow students, alumni, and industry professionals from around the world, opening doors to global collaborations, partnerships, and career opportunities. Engage in interactive discussions, collaborate on global marketing projects, and gain insights from experienced marketing leaders who can become valuable mentors.

Open Doors to International Careers: A Masters of Global Marketing unlocks a world of exciting international career prospects. Whether you aspire to work for a multinational corporation, join a global marketing agency, or launch your own global venture, this degree provides the foundation and credibility needed to thrive in the global marketplace. Explore roles such as Global Marketing Manager, International Brand Manager, Digital Marketing Strategist, and more.

Stay Ahead of Global Trends: The Masters of Global Marketing program ensures you stay ahead of emerging trends and industry best practices. Our faculty consists of esteemed marketing experts and thought leaders who bring real-world experience and cutting-edge research into the classroom. Benefit from their knowledge and insights, as well as access to industry events, conferences, and workshops, ensuring you remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving global marketing landscape.

Embrace the future of marketing and position yourself as a global marketing leader. Seize the opportunities presented by our Masters of Global Marketing program and embark on an exhilarating journey that will elevate your career to new heights. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about the benefits and career opportunities that await you in the dynamic field of global marketing.


A Master of Global Marketing in Singapore can be a valuable investment in your future career. The degree can help you to develop the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in a globalized marketplace, and can open up a wide range of career opportunities. If you are interested in a career in marketing, then a MGM degree in Singapore is a great option to consider.

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