Popular Part-Time MBAs in Singapore And How Much Do They Cost in 2023

November 23, 2022

Popular Part-Time MBAs in Singapore And How Much Do They Cost in 2023

Ready to begin your MBA journey? Considering which are the best MBA programmes in Singapore for 2023? We’ve got you covered!

You have progressed through the organisation’s ranks and are now in a managerial position, where a group of workers answer to you. You have your eye on a senior leadership position but are unsure of how to advance your career.

MBA is one of the most widely accepted graduate management degrees in the corporate world. Thousands of eager workers apply each year to numerous MBA programmes. As a leadership and general management graduate education, a MBA will provide you with core management knowledge. As a result, you’ll develop those essential soft skills and leadership capabilities while gaining a thorough understanding of business, including marketing, accounting, and finance.


Earning Your Part-time MBA in Singapore

According to GMAC or Graduate Management Admissions Council, MBA students determined the importance of academic procedure, advancement towards an international career, and preparation for a trade as the top three standards for picking the best destination for your master’s degree courses in Singapore.

Singapore has all three standards as being one of the world’s most competitive, innovative and progressive economies, well-known as an international financial epicentre and has numerous prominent business institutions. For both international and Singaporeans, Singapore is the ideal gateway into the Asian market and provides solid international culture and commerce. Boasting world-class education, a melting pot of cultural diversity, academic research and numerous scholarship opportunities, this Asian city-state rivals Hong Kong, London and Shanghai as an international business centre.

With that said, here are some reasons why we recommend you get your part-time MBA in Singapore:


1.Higher Salary Potential

Higher Salary Potential

The increase in compensation is one of the main reasons professionals enhance their credentials and invest in an MBA. Although the average cost of an MBA is above $50,000, you could be able to recoup that expense through the wage raise you would be eligible for once you graduate.

MBA graduates

MBA graduates already make 42% more than working professionals with just a bachelor’s degree or diploma. The median base salary for MBA graduates is $115,000, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council, but some alumni are earning even more money in their first roles. The initial base wages for MBA graduates working at the top three consulting firms – McKinsey & Co., Boston Consulting Group, and Bain & Co, will now range from $190,000 to $192,000. Salary increases differ greatly because they depend on so many different variables, including your profession and your current salary.


2. Exceptional Choice of Quality MBA from Leading University

Exceptional Choice of Quality MBA from Leading University

An MBA in Singapore is a great method to launch or advance your career because of its top-notch educational facilities and diverse metropolitan environment. Popular MBA choices in Singapore includes INSEAD Singapore, National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), University of Roehampton (London) MBA, Singapore Management University (SMU) MBA and ESSEC Global MBA,


3. Cost of Financing Your MBA in Singapore

Cost of Financing Your MBA in Singapore

The tuition for various MBA degree programmes varies depending on the institution, degree level, and course type selected.

Here is a quick of the fees of the Popular MBA programmes:

  • National University of Singapore S$76,000
  • Nanyang Technological University S$72,760
  • Singapore Management University S$69,550
  • INSEAD S$140,410
  • Roehampton University London $23,800
  • ESSEC Global MBA $70,000


4. Singapore is an Excellent Country to Expand Your Professional Network

With around 30% of the residents constituting nationalities from all over the world, Singapore is considered a melting pot of Asian and Western cultures and economies. MBA academics can connect with other academics from all over the globe, as there are over 80,000 international students from around 120 countries. Singapore is also the only Asian country that has connections to all powerhouse economies like Southeast Asia, China and India.

With peers from different backgrounds and cultures, one can start networking and polishing their business personality. Other things that add value to Singapore’s MBA programs are student exchange programs and international study tours.


5. Singapore Offers Global Perspective with an Asian Focus

The value of an MBA will depend on what you do with it. Although having an MBA may offer you an edge in terms of credentials and networking, how you use the experience, contacts, and knowledge learned will ultimately determine how successful you are in your profession.

MBA students in Singapore have the prospect of entering international markets while acting as a hub for the Asian market.  This is echoed intensely in the MBA curriculum at many Singaporean MBA institutions, where students are exposed to business standards, movements, expansions, and leadership from a uniquely Asian viewpoint.

In addition, Singapore is home to multiple international organisations, numerous of which have regional offices in the city-state – a great source of career prospects. That is primarily due to Singapore’s business-minded culture, where the government makes it effortless for businesses to be assimilated in only a couple of days. In 2017, the World Bank rated Singapore as second for the easy way of conducting business. For MBA students desiring to be entrepreneurs, Singapore promotes a startup culture that encourages economic movement and investment.


6. An Immersive & Transformative Leadership Experience

An Immersive & Transformative Leadership Experience

Business institutes are a transformative venture regarding talent enhancement, career advancement and networking. Many students consider the return on investment in their tuition by transforming their lives, professionally and personally, after achieving their MBA degrees. Students get opportunities to enter startups, business workshops and project consultations with internationally established companies. This experience creates a transformative and worthwhile education that integrates core business and practical knowledge.


7. Choice of Part-time and Executive MBA

You can work and study while pursuing a part-time MBA, saving you the potential cost of attending a full-time school as well as your salary. Part-time MBA courses frequently combine online and in-person instruction, taking place in the evenings, on weekends, or in flexible modular formats.

Similar to a regular MBA, an executive MBA is a part-time MBA intended for senior executives with substantial executive experience. Senior leaders are brought together by EMBA programs to upgrade their skills, network, and share knowledge while bringing their work-related projects into the classroom.


Conclusion: Is Getting a Part Time MBA Really Worth It?

The difference in your career will ultimately depend on how you use the experience, contacts, and information you earn, even while an MBA may offer you an edge in terms of credentials and networking.

This economic giant city-state is expected to play a vital role in expanding the so-called Asian Century. As many Asian nations advance in innovation and technological advances in the next few years, an MBA graduate from a Singaporean institution will benefit company leaders and entrepreneurs.


Taking the Next Step

Taking the Next Step

Looking to enrol in a part-time MBA in Singapore? Aventis’ Master of Business Administration (MBA) course is awarded by the University of Roehampton, London, ranked as the 10th best university in London in the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022. Delivered by experienced practitioners who boast a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the business world, you can look forward to advancing your career with this MBA course. Find out more about our programmes, including Master’s Degree courses in Singapore, here.

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