Part-Time Vs Full-Time MBA: How To Choose Between The Two

August 30, 2021

Part-Time Vs Full-Time MBA: How To Choose Between The Two

Whether it’s learning more about business and management, developing personal leadership skills, bolstering your resume, or enhancing your network, everyone has their own reason for wanting to do an MBA.

The two main options for MBA applicants are a full-time (one or two-year) MBA and a part-time MBA.

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Here are the main differences between the two types, and how best to make the right choice:

In a full-time program, the benefit is largely in the face-to-face, on-campus experience.

With university life at your fingertips, you can take classes, join clubs, spend lots of time at social events, and organize and/or attend events to learn about different careers or industries. Often, business school can be a place where people make lifelong friends or even meet future partners.

In a part-time program, you take classes at night and on weekends, alongside a full-time job. Most programs offer students one or two classes each semester.

There isn’t usually an internship option, and while the clubs and events coordinated by the full-time program are open to part-timers, they are less of a focus. Crucially, the employment and recruiting process are less of a focus—but part-time students do have access to recruiting events.

Am I the right fit for a part-time program?

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The part-time vs full-time decision has some basic elements to it that make it clear which is a better fit in many cases. A part-time MBA is a perfect fit for applicants who:

– Want to keep working and earning as they obtain an MBA
– Are focused on learning how to apply business theories to the real world in real-time
– Want to build a network, but don’t consider that the primary reason to pursue an MBA
– Time is a big factor too. The typical part-time MBA student will often have big-time commitments—often a full-time job or a family.

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