8 Reasons Why You Should Take Up A Part-Time MBA in 2023

December 21, 2022

8 Reasons Why You Should Take Up A Part-Time MBA in 2023

Not everyone is able to delay their career and dedicate one or two years away from their job to enrol in a full-time MBA programme. The part-time MBA fills that need. You may obtain the same management knowledge and professional advantages from part-time MBA programmes as you would from a full-time MBA without having to miss any pay or working full-time.


Who is a part-time MBA for?

Who is a part-time MBA for?

For those pursuing a career in business, a Master’s in Business Administration or a part-time MBA is undoubtedly a great choice. As part-time MBA programmes are flexible, they draw working individuals who want to further their careers and benefit from networking without taking time away from their jobs.

The reason is that such programs offer the requisite knowledge, cutting edge leadership skills, and skills to climb the corporate ladder, gain an edge over one’s peers and competitors, and many other reasons. Naturally, a part-time MBA will generally require significant time and monetary resources. Still, as it is an investment in your future, your commitment will certainly lead to a return on investment worth tenfold.

Below, we cover eight reasons you should consider a part-time MBA in Singapore.


1. Invest in Yourself. Expanding Your business & Management Skills

One of the most compelling aspects of enrolling in a part-time MBA is the opportunity to meet and engage with diverse people from different worldviews and backgrounds who share the same interests. Studying and discussing with such peers working on group projects together helps to broaden everyone’s perspective as the class applies their learnings to real-world scenarios with a culminating thesis or capstone.

More and more part-time MBA programs are improving their curriculum by incorporating a global aspect that encourages students to partake in international seminars, providing courses on cross-cultural and international business, and welcoming students worldwide. By having a broadened business perspective, professionals can be better prepared and adept at making critical and impactful business decisions across organisations and countries.


2. Enhance Your Qualification without Disruption to your work

Part-time programmes save opportunity cost by allowing you to keep working while pursuing your degree. Additionally, a lot of students change careers while they are still in school, starting to see the value of an MBA right away. For busy professionals with heavy work commitment, a weekend MBA is the ideal choice. Delivered only on weekend blocks, these part-time MBA doesn’t require you to take classes after work during the week. For example our flagship MBA Programme awarded by University of Roehampton London, allows you to attend classes over weekend blocks via Zoom regardless where you are located. All lessons are recorded for easy revision.

A part-time MBA has a more focused approach that significantly accelerates the learning process. Most part-time MBA students enrol in the program after gaining several years of work experience, enabling them to build upon what they have learned while working, which helps put their career development on the fast track.

A part-time MBA certification serves as a credential of the student’s excellent leadership skills, which signals their employers that they are now qualified for higher positions. Naturally, professionals that continue to level up in their careers will get to interact with prominent clients, work on more compelling projects, and take on new responsibilities that will challenge and mold them into becoming a better version of themselves.


3. Fortify your Skills. Learn on Weekend, Apply on Monday

Fortify your Skills. Learn on Weekend, Apply on Monday

Students that have completed their part-time MBA program have found that their postgraduate degree has provided enlightening insights on various aspects of life, such as matters concerning operations in today’s business world. While those that have yet to undertake the program continue to ponder the details as to why certain business decisions are made, MBA graduates can easily understand and relate to such choices thanks to their in-depth view developed through intensive study and practice.

The ability to apply new information immediately – in the actual world – is the best method to ensure that it sticks. You may learn it on Monday night, Thursday, or Saturday with a part-time MBA school and use it straight away at your place of employment. A part-time MBA also provides professionals with the solid foundation they need to quickly adapt to the increasingly dynamic business landscape and evolving industries of the modern age. Moreover, the program also helps further their communication skills, enabling them to speak concisely and clearly. Learning the art of language and ways of adding meaning to words, as well as developing exceptional and effective presentations, are all par for the course of a part-time MBA program. These skills are invaluable to maintaining a successful business.


4. Plug into a whole new Professional network across Asia

Plug into a whole new Professional network across Asia

The claim that part-time MBA graduates become whole new people after completing their postgraduate program is no overstatement. Their newfound outlook in life and more profound understanding of the business world means part-time MBA graduates come out equipped with improved professionalism and better survival skills that turn them into outstanding advisers and communicators. Without a doubt, enrolling in a part-time MBA can lead to seeing life through a different lens in a way that develops the right attitude for success.

Some of the core aspects that a part-time MBA develops in students include:

  • Communication skills
  • Business acumen
  • Leadership and people management
  • High-impact decision-making skills
  • Tenacity amid difficult situations


5. Improve your salary and career opportunities

One of the three typical career objectives for MBA students – shifting industries, functions, or geographies – may be yours with part-time MBA study. Career advancement naturally means a greater increase in salary and career opportunities. It is a given for professionals with a part-time MBA degree to earn more money compared to their peers without one, with many seeing quick returns on their investment soon after graduating. Moreover, companies are more inclined to onboard MBA graduates because of the advanced skills and knowledge they can offer. This means their job pool is also much greater, providing greater freedom in choosing where they wish to work.

Despite these common outcomes, it is worth noting that a part-time MBA does not necessarily guarantee a salary increase since many influential factors such as location, industry, and more can affect your earnings potential. As such, it is recommended to first research part-time MBA degree salaries in your region and see if the increase is worth the investment.


6. Expand your professional and personal network

Expand your professional and personal network

Students will meet many people throughout their part-time MBA program, building a relationship with each one they meet and potentially becoming part of each other’s network. There are many opportunities to make these personal connections as part-time MBA programs place a great emphasis on group work, and those they will work with towards a common goal may end up helping them in their careers down the line, such as landing an internship or job referral or something entirely new.

In addition, part-time MBA programs generally also have an alumni network that can prove valuable for students seeking new job opportunities. With their mutual feeling of kinship among fellow part-time MBA graduates, members tend to be welcoming to their peers despite not undertaking the program together with them. Whether during your studies or after receiving your degree, a part-time MBA program can significantly help expand your network and open up new and unexpected opportunities for the rest of your career.


7. Improve your resume by adding specialisations

Another advantage of a part-time MBA is the freedom to pursue specialised studies based on a subject of choice. If a student is looking to become an entrepreneur and set up their own business, a part-time MBA program specialising in Entrepreneurship is the ideal choice. Alternatively, if they want to learn more about and excel in finance, programs that specialise in the subject are also available.

Choosing a specialisation or major that aligns with your career goals is among the best ways to achieve them more easily, as it shows current and future employers that your skills match their needs. In short, professionals with a specialisation in their resume are more appealing to employers and have a solid credential that shows their motivation and drive to reach greater heights in their career.

Some of the most popular part-time MBA specialisations include:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Management & International Management
  • Marketing
  • IT


8. Prepare for a career change

Prepare for a career change

Another main reason professionals choose to study a part-time MBA is to learn new business skills for a new industry, enabling them to fully prepare and retrain for a different career path and field of expertise. The time spent working towards a part-time MBA degree provides sufficient exposure to this new field. The consulting and financial industries are two of the most popular choices for MBA students following graduation.

A part-time MBA degree opens many opportunities to various industries that would otherwise be difficult to switch to, especially for professionals with different careers or educational backgrounds. Lastly, this chance to switch career paths to more lucrative industries is also one of the primary reasons why part-time MBA graduates have significantly higher salaries than their peers without a degree.



The reasons covered above as to why a part-time MBA is right for you are only a sample of the many ways a postgraduate degree can benefit you for the rest of your career. When making a final evaluation of your decision, do remember to hone in on your career and personal goals, assess how to reach them, and consider if a part-time MBA can be a game-changer in that process.

Enrolling in a part-time MBA does not necessarily mean you have to put your career on hold while you study. Aventis offers part-time MBA programs from world-renowned institutes, such as the University of Roehampton and California State University, that seek to develop the strategic skills necessary to succeed in the global economy today and in the future. To learn more details and starting dates of our part-time MBA programs and Master’s Degree courses in Singapore, visit our website or contact us today for more details.

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