6 High-Paying Sectors Part-Time MBA Singapore 2023

March 24, 2023

6 High-Paying Sectors Part-Time MBA Singapore 2023

An MBA degree is a highly versatile qualification that can open up many career opportunities in various industries. MBA graduates can choose from a range of career paths, including finance, consulting, marketing, human resources, operations, and entrepreneurship. Here are some of the career opportunities for MBA holders:

Individuals who pursue an MBA degree can anticipate numerous career advantages and opportunities, owing to the degree’s value and worth across various sectors. Among the benefits that many seek is the potential to secure higher-paying job positions. However, the extent of this salary boost would largely rely on the area of business that the individual chooses to specialize in, as an MBA degree encompasses several professions, ranging from economics and marketing to operations and healthcare.

An MBA degree primarily prepares professionals for a career in business administration. However, the knowledge and skills gained from the program can also open doors to many high-salary positions in various industries. Pursuing an MBA degree will naturally require a substantial investment, but it generates large dividends that makes it all worth all the time and effort spent. And so, without further ado, we go over the highest-paying jobs you can reach with a part-time MBA in Singapore.

6 Highest Paying Sectors for MBA Graduates

Business and Consulting:

Business and Consulting

MBA holders can work as management consultants, providing advisory services to businesses and organizations. They can also work in strategy consulting, operations consulting, and technology consulting.

High-end management consultants provide their companies with a focused direction on how to stay relevant and competitive by helping maximize profits, increase efficiencies where possible, improve worker productivity, solve management problems, and control costs. In addition, these consultants help companies establish their online presence and quickly adjust to new regulations. High-end management consultants work closely with the COO, CFO, and CEO to achieve the company’s goals.

Data from glassdoor.com show that high-end management consultants earn an average annual salary of $115,000, which becomes significantly higher as they accrue industry experience over time.


Finance and Investment:

Finance and Investment

MBA graduates can pursue careers in finance, including investment banking, corporate finance, and private equity. They can also work in financial analysis, risk management, and asset management. A career as an investment banker is undoubtedly challenging, but it comes with great rewards for those who perform well, especially in their first year. First and foremost, the position requires candidates to present positive transcripts, an impeccable resume, and excellent interviews, which is to be expected given the risks at play in the world of investments.

Investment bankers benefit greatly from multitasking skills since their job requires assisting businesses, government organizations, and corporations in properly managing their investment funds as well as facilitating processes such as financial mergers, high-profile business deals, and significant transaction funds.  As a highly lucrative career, investment banking sees an annual salary range of $200,000-$500,000, making it among the top-paying jobs for MBA graduates.

Finance ranks in the top three industries MBA graduates enter after completing their program, and many become successful financial managers. According to the BLS, a financial manager’s median annual wage in the US was $134,180 in 2020, and with more experience, this can increase to $208,000 and above, as evidenced by the highest 10% earners.


Marketing and Business Development:

MBA graduates can work in marketing and advertising, including brand management, market research, and digital marketing. They can also work in sales management and business development. Business development managers are generally in high demand in the technology sector as they are tasked with facilitating the development of digital products, apps, websites, mobile devices, and more. As such, they need a good understanding of the relevant technologies and comprehensive knowledge of sales, finance, and marketing. According to the BLS, the salary of project managers ranges between $85,000-$125,000.


Human Resources and CXOs:

MBA holders can work in human resources management, including talent acquisition, training and development, and performance management.


Entrepreneurship and Startups:

MBA holders can start their own businesses or work in startups, using their business skills to launch and grow successful ventures.


Nonprofit and Government:

Nonprofit and Government

MBA graduates can also work in non-profit and government organizations, including healthcare, education, and public administration. MBA holders can have rewarding careers in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government organizations, as these organizations require professionals with strong management, leadership, and analytical skills. Here are some career options for MBA holders in NGOs and government organizations which includes

Foreign Affairs & International Development: MBA graduates can work in international development organizations such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the World Bank, and USAID. They can work in areas such as microfinance, poverty alleviation, and sustainable development.

Non-Profit Management: MBA holders can work in non-profit organizations, managing their finances, operations, and programs. They can also help develop and implement fundraising strategies, manage relationships with donors and stakeholders, and build partnerships with other organizations.

Public Administration: MBA graduates can work in government agencies, managing public services, and implementing policies. They can work in areas such as healthcare, education, and public safety, managing budgets, and implementing programs.

Social Entrepreneurship: MBA graduates can work in social entrepreneurship, using business principles to address social and environmental issues. They can work in areas such as fair trade, social enterprise, and impact investing.

Advocacy and Policy: MBA holders can work in advocacy and policy, developing and implementing policies that promote social, economic, and environmental justice. They can work in areas such as public policy analysis, advocacy, and lobbying.



In conclusion, MBA holders can pursue a wide range of career opportunities across various industries. The career paths available to MBA graduates are diverse, and the skills gained during an MBA program are highly transferable. With an MBA degree, graduates have the knowledge and skills to excel in leadership roles and drive business success.

Achieving an MBA degree is one of, if not the best, way of expanding one’s career options, working with high-profile clients, and taking home a more lucrative pay. MBA graduates can use their degrees to get a leg up in today’s competitive job pool and access more opportunities than before.


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