5 Popular Part-time MBAs In Singapore You Should Consider In 2023

December 01, 2022

5 Popular Part-time MBAs In Singapore You Should Consider In 2023

Congratulations for taking the first step in embarking on a MBA. Now it’s time to enhance your skills with a Part-time Master of Business Administration.  Earning a Part-time MBA in Singapore provides numerous advantages, including better career opportunities, new networking and enhancing your leadership abilities. Because part-time education allows them to continue working while earning their degree, many busy professionals choose it.

Why study Part-time MBA in Singapore?

Professionals who are business major graduates can certainly reach and enjoy plenty of excellent job opportunities in their field. However, most people would naturally want to reach greater heights in their careers, and getting there requires higher education that is best achieved through a master’s degree course. Of course, undertaking this pursuit can be daunting, and one must fully understand what they hope to gain from it and if it is truly worth their time and financial investment. If you are resolute about your decision and are committed to taking a part-time MBA in Singapore, let us share five of the most popular options to help you in your journey.

Popular Part-time MBA programmes in Singapore

The following are some of the more popular Part-time MBA Programme in Singapore. These programmes vary in length, but most take one to to three years to complete on a part-time basis.

National University of Singapore-UCLA Executive MBA

1. National University of Singapore-UCLA Executive MBA

To help you grow professionally and personally, the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Executive MBA offers a comprehensive graduate experience. The curriculum is set up to provide you flexibility in how long you stay in each nation and how you complete your optional requirements. You will maintain a connection with the professors and fellow students throughout the whole programme. The programme provides you with the knowledge and abilities you’ll need to succeed in a rapidly changing world by fusing academic rigour with a practical focus. The programme provides you with the knowledge and abilities you’ll need to succeed in a rapidly changing world by fusing academic rigour with a practical focus.

This executive MBA program has a good mix of theory and experiential learning. The class discussions were intellectually stimulating. The diversity of the class was certainly a plus, with no lack of creative thinking and differing perspectives.

2. Nanyang University of Technology Executive MBA

Nanyang University of Technology Executive MBA

Business executives can enrol in the part-time Nanyang Executive MBA programme, which offers a comprehensive curriculum aimed at enhancing their knowledge and abilities in general management, leadership, technology, and innovation. Leaders need to grasp how innovation can be used to create a more agile digital organisation if they want to succeed in the digital economy. We are able to give engaging possibilities for multidisciplinary study and the capacity to lead with effect in a world that is fast changing.

Embracing the connection between business, technology and innovation, the Nanyang EMBA programme offers special classes that are intended to improve your digital savvy and leadership abilities. Consider the strategic importance of important technologies like blockchain, AI, robots, and IoT. Your leadership effect will be strengthened with modules like cultural intelligence and leadership coaching.

3. The Roehampton University London Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Roehampton University London Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Roehampton Master of Business Administration (MBA) course is a 10 Months part-time management program in Singapore globally accredited by the Chartered Management Institute and bearing many accolades from institutes such as the Singapore Business Review, The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide, Research Excellence Framework, and many others.

The programme guides working professionals towards developing the array of strategic skills they need to achieve the success they seek and become more competitive in today’s global economy. This part-time MBA course focuses heavily on leadership, change, and innovation and thus features a critical leadership component that contributes to the professional and personal transformation of each student.

Under the guidance of leading and highly experienced practitioners, students are taken under the wing of thought leaders that impart invaluable knowledge on topics such as global business practices, change management, Sustainable Business Strategy, digital transformation, and many more. By the end of this part-time MBA program, students will have gained exemplary expertise, confidence, and knowledge on managing and leading global business operations, making strategic decisions, communicating effectively with stakeholders, and supervising cross-cultural project teams.

This popular part-time Roehampton MBA program has over 4 intakes per year and you can join in January, April, July or November 2023.


4. Singapore Management University MBA

The SMU MBA is a full-time and part-time program designed to shape students into becoming dynamic and versatile leaders sought after by countless businesses today. The course ranks 51st worldwide, 25th in the 2022 FT Global MBA Ranking for value-for-money, and 20th in “ESG”. The course’s rigorous and interactive curriculum will inspire the students to learn the business fundamentals that cover proven approaches in management practice and capture cutting-edge management research.

The program’s primarily action-based learning is an ideal medium for students to obtain, assimilate, and apply their knowledge to explore solutions for current industry challenges by working on numerous case studies and projects. By learning from and interacting with world-class international professors, industry practitioners, and diverse peers, the SMU MBA guarantees an enriching academic experience like no other.

The SMU MBA’s start date is in July, with a 15 to 18-month duration.


5. The California State University MBA

The California State University MBA

Last but not least, California State University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Management is a part-time programme accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Available right in the heart of Asia, this course allows working professionals to learn from the university’s dedicated faculty about the latest and cutting-edge business knowledge and advanced management practices to date.

This part-time MBA is structured to meet the demands of high-performing and high-potential professionals, entrepreneurs, and business executives determined to take their careers and organisations to the next level. As a part-time international program, this MBA is structured to allow students to stay focused on their learning while simultaneously working full-time and managing their demanding careers. Students can expect to gain all the skills and knowledge they need to reach a successful top-level managerial career in global business from this course, whose specialisation focuses on management, strategy, decision-making, and business.

The part-time California State University MBA program’s next start date begins on 7 Jan 2023 with a duration of 12 months.



Working professionals looking to advance their careers without dropping their current positions will find a part-time MBA in Singapore to be the perfect option for their needs. Apart from the invaluable education the programs listed above provide, they also include various other perks that benefit students in meaningful ways, such as overseas immersion trips, career sessions, industry guest speaker events, and more.

If you’re ready to earn your Master’s in Business Administration, check out our part-time MBAs here in Aventis from the University of Roehampton and California State University. Apart from world-renowned MBA programmes, we also offer specialised graduate diplomas and Master’s Degree courses in Singapore for learners from all walks of life. To learn more details, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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