As the economy improves and new possibilities emerge, many senior executives are looking to pursue an MBA degree, and for good reason! However, before you embark on your MBA degree journey, think about why you want to pursue an MBA in the first place. Your reasons for pursuing an MBA may include a desire to advance in your present position, obtain a raise in compensation, or improve your proficiency and employability.

Understanding organizational behaviour and developing practical interpersonal skills are essential for turning your team into a productive force to be reckoned with. These are some of the real-world management skills you can learn while studying for an MBA.


Why does a part-time MBA make sense?

Those with extensive work experience under their belt and who are not yet looking for a mid-career switch might consider pursuing a part-time MBA. Part-time programs are ideal for students who do not want to alter their existing sector or vocational focus. Students with over seven years of work experience who have previously earned a mid-to senior-level job and earn significantly more than the industry average are also ideal candidates for a part-time MBA.

1. Apply what you have learnt immediately

Apply what you have learnt immediately

Study on Sunday and apply on Monday. Earning an MBA part-time online makes even more sense for individuals who want to immediately put what they’ve learned into practice. Aventis Graduate School, for example, provides an MBA that permits students to complete an MBA Consultancy project rather than a traditional academic dissertation.

2. Proof of your capability

The certificate you receive upon the completion of your course is more than a piece of paper. After all, it is a representation of your value and all the efforts you have put into the course. Above all, it serves as proof of your capabilities—that you are not just another ordinary suit. Moreover, depending on your industry, a specialised MBA certificate and qualification may appeal to some companies more than others.

3. Stay in touch with the latest trends and development

It is crucial for global company leaders to keep up with the latest trends and developments in areas such as business sustainability, ESG, and carbon neutrality. The Roehampton University London MBA, for example, focuses on Business Sustainability Strategy through its Centre for Sustainability and Responsible Management, which produces high-quality research outputs that benefit a variety of stakeholders—including governments, businesses, and charitable organizations. Members of the centre have authored reports for professional bodies in addition to publishing papers in globally renowned academic publications.

It is not only about the information and knowledge you will gain by pursuing an MBA. The contacts and network connections you make as a business student will prove to be your most significant asset. Large MBA organizations can provide you with a network of like-minded peers as well as a worldwide alumni network that will certainly be beneficial in the future.

4. Preferences for maximum flexibility

Preferences for maximum flexibility

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Innovative online MBA programs provide students with a great deal of freedom. A part-time MBA allows you to manage your employment, family, and education more easily. It makes the most sense for people who would benefit from the flexibility of a part-time program rather than the emphasis of a full-time degree.


Bonus: Here are 4 key skills that you will develop as you embark on your MBA

1. Empathy

Understanding and inspiring people is at the heart of leadership. Empathy permits you to comprehend what others are going through and why they are going through it. This knowledge is necessary for good leadership. When you can see things from someone else’s point of view, you may better encourage them and assist them in achieving their objectives.

2. Effective communication

Assume you are a manager who has to communicate a difficult message to one of your staff. You will be able to better express the information in a courteous and sensitive manner if you demonstrate empathy and comprehend how they are feeling. This will eventually lead to a more favourable response.

3. Build trust and respect

When it comes to leadership, mutual respect and trust are essential. Leaders may develop trust with their team members by being empathetic and sympathetic—something that is critical for a healthy and effective workplace. Team members must believe they can trust their leader, which begins with feeling like they are seen and heard. Team members are more inclined to trust their leader if they believe he or she actually cares about them and their experiences. This makes for a successful working relationship.

4. Conflict management

Great leaders are able to see all sides of an issue and can effectively resolve disagreements and disputes among team members. Effective leaders can create a solution that is respectful and fair to all parties involved by understanding how they are feeling. As a result, the team becomes stronger and more united.


Closing thoughts: The value of a part-time MBA program

Closing thoughts: The value of a part-time MBA program

Part-time MBA programs go beyond making a business degree available to people who would otherwise be unable to afford the financial sacrifices, time commitments, and interruptions to their family’s lifestyle that a full-time MBA would entail. Many part-time and executive programs provide students with great educational quality, prominent alumni networks, and affiliation with major university brands. Yes, pursuing a part-time MBA in Singapore is definitely well worth it!


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