3 Powerful Lessons From My Life After MBA

August 23, 2021

3 Powerful Lessons From My Life After MBA

Earning a professional business degree or an MBA can have a number of both expected and unexpected benefits in your life. In fact, those benefits often extend beyond your career and professional goals and are applicable to your non-work life as well.

Read on as Harsh Kudilli shares the top three lessons from his life after an MBA.

#1: Learn to delegate, inspire, and rely on others.

To succeed as a manager, you must recognize the power of teams and effective delegation early in your career. When you delegate, be clear about expectations. Nothing frustrates a team member more than not knowing what exactly you want from them. Give them as much certainty and clarity as you can. Your job is to handle the ambiguity for them as much as possible.

A manager’s core skill is also the ability to inspire. Inspire people to take responsibility and not just tick boxes on a to-do list. The most practical way to inspire people to work is to help them understand what’s in it for them. Are they going to benefit directly from it? Do they stand to gain the satisfaction that comes with contributing to a cause they believe in?

Once you have delegated tasks to your team, trust your people. Trust them to meet your expectations. Sure, trust gets built over time. But it shouldn’t take forever. Quit micromanaging if a team member proves their worth. Nothing destroys morale like micromanagement.

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#2: The outcome is supreme.

Your job as a manager is to create positive outcomes using the available resources and time. Your job as a manager is NOT to invest massive amounts of input or create wonderful outputs if those inputs or outputs don’t translate to desired outcomes.

Your job is to focus like a laser on business outcomes. Use that north star to optimize your inputs and outputs. Are you going to do that operational status update yourself and risk taking time away from client relationship management, or are you going to delegate that routine task to someone? The decision might tip your outcome one way or the other.

Be smart and never forget that the outcome is king. Aim for a positive outcome with each input and output. Otherwise, you are only wasting time.

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#3: You are the product

This lesson applies to all professionals, not just managers. Understand that you are the product. Build a brand for yourself. Every product must have a differentiated value proposition to succeed in the market. The same is true for you. What’s the unique value you bring to the table? Often, it’s your own distinctive combination of skills, network, experience, and education.

Each role, company, and industry in your CV should build your story. When you think about your next career move, ask yourself, will that move add to a rich story that’s consistent with your brand? Is that a story that will resonate with the market? Like any good product company, you must tweak your value proposition to meet market demands.

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