Why Data Analysts in Hot Demand and Develop Skills!

May 03, 2023

Why Data Analysts in Hot Demand and Develop Skills!

Data analysts are currently in-demand in the job market of Singapore. A data analyst is basically an individual whose job is to collect and interpret data for the purpose of solving a particular problem. They also look for patterns and trends that can be utilised to make reasonable business decisions. A lot of companies are in need of data analysts for different reasons.

Data analysts are needed by companies to understand their data and for complex tasks such as predictive modeling. The job is diverse in terms of industries and tools used. This article highlights reasons for high demand in Singapore and essential skills for success.

Why Data Analysts are Quite In-Demand in Singapore


1. Big part of advertising and marketing

Big part of advertising and marketing

Data analysts are responsible for analysing the information or data that is gathered about the marketing efforts of a company. They utilise such data to understand consumer behaviour and make prudent decisions for their marketing strategy. Their primary job is to examine and interpret the data, which can be carried out through various methods, such as machine learning and predictive modelling.


1. Provide significant insights in terms of business decisions

Data analysts make use of different tools to gather data from different sources, such as emails, surveys, and social media platforms. They then utilise statistical methods to formulate insights that can be used to make wise decisions for a business. In other words, the services provided by data analysts can help businesses achieve operational and financial success.


2. Play a huge role for FMCG and online retail companies

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and online retail companies generate data every day that can be used to enhance their business. As such, they require data analysts who are accustomed to the systems and data they use. In online retail companies, particularly, the job of a data analyst includes tasks, such as organising data, managing data, and creating reports. They utilise data analytics to look for online shopping patterns in consumer behaviour.


3. Big tech companies are searching for data analysts

Big tech companies are searching for data analysts

Big tech companies require the job skills of a data analyst to gather, analyse, and interpret their enormous amounts of data. This data is used to come up with predictions about future events, deliver actionable insights, and determine opportunities for innovation and growth. Data analysts are vital for tech companies in making better data-driven choices. Moreover, data essentially help them identify the best thing to do with their products and services.


What Skills Are Needed to be a Data Analyst 

There are a variety of skills necessary to be an effective data analyst. These skills can be classified as technical/hard skills or soft skills. When it comes to technical skills, a data analyst primarily needs to have a knowledge of structured query language (SQL), different programming languages, and software for data visualisation. The other hard skills usually required for data analyst jobs are familiarity with analytics platforms and markup language XML.

On the other hand, the soft skills that every aspiring data analyst must develop include creativity, analytical skills, communication skills, good attention to detail, and a mind for numbers and mathematics. The best way to acquire and prove that you have these hard and soft skills is to undergo a data analytics course and obtain a data analytics diploma. To deepen your knowledge of techniques and issues in data analytics, you can also take Aventis’ Master of Science in Data Analytics, awarded by London Metropolitan University.

What Skills Are Needed to be a Data Analyst

This programme will equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need to become competitive in some of the fastest-growing industries of data science and big data sectors. Aside from this, Aventis also offers a Graduate Diploma in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which can provide you with the abilities you need to succeed in the areas of data science and AI. With this diploma, you can expect to find jobs in various industries, such as marketing, retail, finance, technology, and healthcare.



Data continues to be a critical asset for numerous organisations and industries, and as such, it comes as no surprise that data analyst jobs in Singapore remain thriving and profitable. Businesses are always looking for data insights to enhance their processes, make wiser business decisions, and learn how to maintain themselves in the long term. However, to be a data analyst, you need to be equipped with enough knowledge and various skills. Fortunately, there are effective courses that can help you with this.

For the most comprehensive and effective data analytics programme in Singapore, Aventis is the leading global graduate school you can count on. Aside from offering Master of Science in Data Analytics and Graduate Diploma in Data Science and AI programmes, Aventis provides an array of other excellent diploma programmes, master degree courses in Singapore, and part-time MBA.

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