Singapore MOM: Tech talent still highly sought

April 08, 2023

Singapore MOM: Tech talent still highly sought

Exploring Singapore’s Tech Career Opportunities, MOM Job Vacancy Report

Have you ever entertained the thought of making a climb on the career ladder in the tech industry? If so, you’ll want to hear what we have to say. It might just surprise you. 

The Ministry of Manpower’s recent report indicates that Singaporean firms are actively seeking technology talent, despite the tech industry’s worldwide struggles with low growth and job reductions. Information and communications job vacancies accounted for almost 70% of all openings, the highest percentage among all sectors for three consecutive years, according to MOM’s 2022 annual job vacancy report.

Demand Significantly higher compared to pre-pandemic period

If you’re a tech professional looking for a job, Singapore is the place to be! The Manpower Ministry’s (MOM) job vacancy report shows that demand for tech talent in Singapore is still high despite the challenging economy.
Despite a decline in overall job vacancies for the third quarter in a row, with 104,500 vacancies in December 2022, MOM noted that this level remained significantly higher compared to the pre-pandemic period of December 2019, which had only 51,100 vacancies. Additionally, the proportion of vacancies remaining unfilled for at least six months decreased from 35% in 2021 to 27% in 2022, as border restrictions and safe management rules were eased, resulting in a more favorable job market.

Why Tech Talent is Still Highly Sought After in Singapore: Insights from the MOM Job Vacancy Report

Booming Tech Ecosystem

Singapore has established itself as a vibrant tech ecosystem in Asia, attracting global tech giants and startups alike. The city-state is home to numerous multinational technology companies and has a robust startup ecosystem, with strong support from government agencies, venture capital firms, and incubators. As a result, there is a constant need for tech talent to fuel the growth of these companies and startups. The MOM Job Vacancy Report shows that tech-related jobs, such as software engineers, data scientists, and cybersecurity specialists, are among the most sought-after roles in Singapore, with high job vacancy rates.

Talent Shortage – AI scientists, carbon traders: EP applicants for jobs in shortage to get bonus points under new system

Despite efforts to develop local tech talent, there is still a shortage of skilled tech professionals in Singapore. The demand for tech talent far exceeds the supply, leading to a highly competitive job market for tech-related roles. They are among a list of 27 jobs facing shortages that has been published ahead of the implementation of a new points system for Employment Pass (EP) application in Singapore.
The Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS), which MOM announced last year, is a points-based system to evaluate the extent an EP candidate complements Singapore’s workforce. It will apply to new EP applications from Sep 1 this year.

Competitive Salaries and Benefits

Tech talent is highly sought after not only for their skills but also for the value they bring to businesses and organizations. As a result, employers in Singapore offer competitive salaries and benefits to attract and retain top tech talent. The MOM Job Vacancy Report reveals that tech-related jobs often come with higher median gross monthly salaries compared to other fields, making them an attractive career choice for many job seekers. Additionally, companies in Singapore also offer various perks and benefits, such as flexible working arrangements, training and development opportunities, and employee stock options, to attract and retain tech talent in a highly competitive job market.

Continuous Learning and Upskilling Opportunities

Technology is constantly evolving, and tech professionals need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and skills to remain relevant in the industry. Singapore recognizes the importance of continuous learning and upskilling and has established various initiatives to support lifelong learning among its workforce. For instance there are many courses like the Graduate Diploma in Data Science and AI, Masters in Data Analytics , Masters in Cyber Security and Graduate Diploma in ESG and Sustainability to help professionals enhance their skills and knowledge. This commitment to continuous learning and upskilling makes Singapore an attractive destination for tech talent who seek opportunities to continuously grow and develop their careers.

So which are the most popular tech talent here in Singapore?

In this article, we’ll be looking at the MOM report to find out what makes this sector an attractive option for job seekers. We’ll also look at what this means for those considering entering this field and the opportunities available for further growth.

Sectors Driving Singapore’s Tech Talent Boom

Do you know why tech talent is still highly sought after in Singapore? It’s because there are certain sectors that are driving Singapore’s tech talent boom.

According to the MOM job vacancy report, the most in-demand tech roles are in the following sectors:

These sectors all require different skills, ranging from software engineers, data scientists, front-end developers, to UX designers and DevOps engineers — all of which demand higher salaries compared to other roles. On top of that, some of these roles also require a deeper understanding of specific domains such as cybersecurity, healthcare or finance. This is why tech professionals with specialized knowledge in these areas are highly sought after by employers in Singapore.

Tips for Job Seekers Looking for Tech Jobs in Singapore

Interestingly, the MOM Job Vacancy Report shows that tech jobs are still highly sought after in Singapore. That’s great news for job seekers, as there plenty of employment opportunities with attractive salaries – the median monthly salary for tech professionals is SGD 5100.

So what should aspiring tech job seekers do in order to take advantage of this boom? Here are some tips:

Upgrade your skills – With more and more employers wanting to stay ahead of their competitors through technological solutions, it’s important for job seekers to upgrade their skillsets on a regular basis. Looking out for relevant courses or training programs is key to staying job-relevant and competitive in the industry.
Update your resume – Make sure your resume clearly reflects your experience and list down all the relevant skills you have that can be beneficial to the position you are applying for. Show that you have kept up with the current trends and technologies by including any relevant certifications gained or projects completed in your resume too!
Be Part of Professional Networking – Attending new courses , career events, seminars or conferences exposes you to different people and allows you to share ideas with potential employers or colleagues who could point you in a better direction when it comes to job opportunities.


All in all, the MOM report made it clear that technical skills and roles such as data science, cybersecurity, and software engineering are in high demand in Singapore. Thanks to the country’s strong infrastructure and excellent policies, Singapore is an attractive destination for many job seekers in the tech space.

The report also shows that Singapore businesses are looking for professionals with interdisciplinary skills and a broad set of capabilities, as well as those who can bring innovative approaches to solve complex problems. If you’re looking for a career in the tech space or are interested in finding out more about Singapore’s tech job market, this report is an essential read.

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