Popular New Courses in Singapore for Digital, Green and Care Economy for 2023!

November 26, 2022

Popular New Courses in Singapore for Digital, Green and Care Economy for 2023!

Focusing on developing skills for mid-career professionals based on Skillsfuture’s Skills Demand for the Future Economy 2022 Report 

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2025, increasingly redundant roles will decrease from 15.4% to 9%, while emerging job roles will grow from 7.8% to 13.5%. This trend is prominent in Singapore, whose status as a global technology hub in Southeast Asia has risen as various sectors ramp up hiring for tech roles.

In line with the latest Skills Demand for the Future Economy Report 2022, award-winning training and education provider, Aventis Learning Group and Aventis Graduate School announce the launch of an exciting suite of short courses and graduate diploma designed to provide upskilling and career upgrading opportunities for mid-career workers.

18 Emerging domains within the 3 High Growth Sectors 

Aventis Programme Leader Mr Alvin Lam and Head of Business Development Mr Ramson Yap

The latest SkillsFuture 2022 report grouped priority skills associated with the digital, care and green economies into 18 “emerging domains”, ranging from cybersecurity to green economy to health and wellness. The report also share that Mid-career workers should consider upgrading their skills or learning new ones to either stay versatile within their industries – or seize the chance to move into growth roles within their existing role or through job redesign and Skills top-ups.

Professor Malick Sy, Aventis Academic Director shared: “As a Graduate School dedicated to upgrading the skills of working professionals, we are constantly pushing the frontier to offer cutting edge curriculum that prepares our learners for Industrial Revolution world 4.0. This comes as Singapore gears up to reskill its workforce for the rapidly changing global workplace.”

What are the skills that are in high demand in Singapore today?

Aventis Academic Director Professor Malick and his students.

According to Ravi Menon, managing director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, 1,700 newly created jobs are in tech roles, with software engineers comprising 30%. Going beyond that average, the fintech industry, which has only grown since the pandemic, creates about 2,500 to 3,500 jobs each year. Moreover, traditionally “offline” businesses such as food and retail are seeking out tech experts to assist them in digitalisation efforts

The pandemic has reinforced the need for professionals to develop critical new across Digital transformation 4.0, Care and Green economy. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should focus on acquiring and developing the following skills.

Skills and Career Opportunities in the Digital Sector

Aventis Metaverse and Sandbox Academy Workshop with DBS Bank and Smobler Studios

To meet the growing demand In the digital economy for Data analyst, Threat analysis manager, Cyber Security Specialist, Aventis offers a suite of Graduate Diploma and Masters degree in Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Business Automation, Data Science and Digital Marketing. Aventis also offers a IBF Funded  Professional Certificate in AI Ethics & Governance in Action (2 Days) course which  will provide learners with an in-depth understanding of the various areas to watch out for when deploying or using 3rd Party AI technology. Other exciting courses including metaverse, web3 and blockchain related courses to prepare professionals for career opportunities in the fast evolving metaverse space.

Skills and Career Opportunities in the Care Sector 

Aventis Programme Director For Psychology and Counselling, Dr Christopher Fong 

In the Care Sector, Aventis offer an extensive suite of Masters and Graduate diploma courses in Child Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, design to equip mid-career professionals exploring career opportunities in Career Counselling, Social Services, Education, Community, Public health and Rehabilitation. Aventis also launch a Centre for Wellness and Organizational Psychology to champion Corporate Mental Wellness programmes in companies through bespoke (EAP) Employee Assistance Program, Lunch and learn wellness talks and micro learning credentials for companies across Asia.

Skills and Opportunities in the Green and Sustainability Sector 

Training providers have already responded to industry trends and are rolling out courses in the various growth economies, Aventis now offers a suite of ESG and Business sustainability courses including the Graduate Diploma In Business Sustainability & Environment, Social And Governance (ESG), a 10 Months Part-time MBA which incorporates Sustainable business strategy and an IBF Accredited 2 Days Effective Guide To Sustainability Reporting Course which eligible participants may enjoy up to 90% Funding* New courses in the pipeline to be launch for early 2023 include MBA in Sustainable Business strategy, Carbon Footprint Management, Sustainable Investment, Green Financing, Managing Corporate Sustainability and ESG Strategy and Responsible Sourcing, Supply Chain Management & Sustainable Procurement.

Dedicated Support for Mid-Career Professionals 

To meet the growing demand for digital skills, Singapore Green Plan 2030 and care industries, Aventis works closely with industry leaders and subject matter experts to ensure our course are practical and skills driven. Shared Aventis Graduate School General Manager, Mr Samuel Teo

To provide Continuous Learning Journey for Mid–career professionals, Aventis leverage on IBM AI Powered Course Recommendation system to provide valuable skills insights and to help mid-career professionals better plan their skills development journey. Aventis also have a team of dedicated and experienced career counsellors to help provide 1-to-1 advise on the most suitable courses for mid-career professionals across the different sectors.

More than 50 New Courses in offer for 2023 to cater for over 60,000 learners  

Aventis Graduation Ceremony 2022 – Roehampton University London MBA (10 Months Part-time)

Aventis will continue to ramp up the supply of skills training in high demand growth and offer qualifications that of high transferability and demand across multiple sectors. Through collaboration with professional bodies including AI Singapore, EC Council and IHRP (Singapore), Aventis will continue to focus on offer highly relevant training for skills that support the digital, green and care 4.0 economies. A new Graduate Diploma in Workplace Learning Design & Solutions will also be launch in 2023 to provide L&D and HR Practitioners with the skills to design and develop innovative workplace learning solutions that offers on the job (OJT) learning opportunities that help to complement their existing skills. Visit www.aventis.edu.sg for more information

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