On the Rise: Gaming Addiction among Children in Singapore

February 12, 2022

On the Rise: Gaming Addiction among Children in Singapore

According to The Straits Times, counsellors in Singapore have noticed a significant rise in the number of gaming addictions among children amid the pandemic.

This could be the extra time spent online during this pandemic, the Ministry of Education (MOE) added. MOE stated students who battle with extreme online gaming could really feel stressed and irritable when they’re unable to relax and infrequently don’t get sufficient sleep due to the robust urge to spend extra time gaming.

In extreme cases, excessive online gaming can disrupt their lives as they replace daily activities with online gaming and can put a strain on their relationships with family and friends, stated MOE.

Counselors, too, stated they’ve seen a stark improvement in studies from parents about their children being hooked on online gaming since the pandemic hit. Most of the seven counseling businesses interviewed by The Straits Times cited the 2020 circuit breaker as a catalyst for addiction in lots of children, with the variety of instances rising by as much as 60 percent.

Touch Youth Intervention (TYI), a non-revenue company offering counselling and intervention services for youth, stated it acquired 1,004 calls last year relating to children dealing with issues related to extreme system use, together with being hooked on gaming. Senior counsellor and head of TYI, Mr. Shawn Soh, stated that earlier than COVID-19, the company handled some 500 such instances every year. While the time spent online can fluctuate for every particular person, it turns into an issue when gaming eats away at a toddler’s different duties like doing homework, well-being, and household time, he added. He cited free multiplayer video games like Minecraft, Mobile Legends, and Fortnite as gateways into online gaming among lots of the children he noticed.

Soh, 33, added that not less than two in three of the children referred to TYI behaved aggressively when confronted by their dad and mom, throwing tantrums, shouting, or hitting others. “COPID-19 has definitely created more chaos at home as many kids are facing screens all day. Over time, this became the norm, “he stated.

We Care Community Services counsellor Alvin Seng, 34, stated that since the pandemic, online addiction has turned into the greatest concern among younger people at the addiction restoration centre. The centre dealt with more than 40 instances of online addiction last year, up from fewer than 30 per year before the pandemic. He added that children hooked on gaming could also be exposed to different addictions like playing, citing playing-like mechanics in common online video games like Genshin Impact, where gamers can try their luck and purchase randomised gadgets to improve their avatars.

Promises Healthcare addictions therapist Juliana Pang stated gaming addictions usually develop in the context of underlying points, akin to struggles with schoolwork, bullying, or tensions at residence. Children, therefore, flip to gaming as a coping mechanism, she added. “We often advocate connection before correction,” she stated. “Family members connecting with the child, and understanding why and how they game, will go a long way towards supporting their recovery.” Parents, on the other hand, also need to handle their kid’s display screen time, she added, as children who recreation for lengthy hours could also be extra prone to reply rashly to interruptions, as gaming retains their minds in a relentless state of hyper-arousal. “This affects children and teens more as their brains are still developing, including the areas that focus on rational thinking, pausing and self-reflection,” she stated.

To assist a toddler hooked on gaming, counsellor Oh Chee Siong, 38, of LoveTalks Counselling, stated dad and mom want persistence to construct belief with their children, and suggested them to suggest new hobbies for them apart from gaming. Oh stated: “The parents’ job is not to challenge the kid but to understand what is so good about gaming and encourage them to try other similar things. It can take many steps but you can’t expect magic to happen at once.”


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