My Part Time MBA Growth: Professionally & Personally

April 29, 2023

My Part Time MBA Growth: Professionally & Personally

From Part Time MBA Student to Graduate – My Journey

It’s been 3 years since I finished my part-time MBA. In that 3 years, I have learned to be a better leader, a better businessperson, and a better person overall. It goes without saying that I’m grateful for the experience I had in my MBA program and how it has changed my professional life.

Recalling the past four years brings a smile to my face, as I have gained increased confidence in both personal and professional aspects. This reassures me that pursuing an MBA was a worthwhile investment of time, effort, and finances.

So what did I gain? How did the MBA help me grow professionally? How did it help me grow personally? Let’s explore! In this article, I’ll share my experience with you as well as some perspectives from others who have been in a similar situation.

Why I Decided to Pursue an MBA Part Time

Are you considering a part-time MBA? Picking up a professional degree on evenings and weekends can be a great way to obtain a valuable credential while continuing to work. Before I set my own course of study, I spent a lot of time researching the various programs available.

One of the most important criteria for me was the support network offered by the university – both formal and informal. Many institutions have mentorship programs, career counseling services and alumni networks that students can tap into. That was particularly important to me. I wanted to make sure that I had access to a wide variety of resources and people who could help me through my MBA journey.

The second question I asked myself was whether or not I could manage school with my current job. Fortunately, most part-time MBA programs are structured around evening classes, opens up flexible scheduling options for working professionals like myself. A part-time program also allows you the flexibility to continue working in your current job and apply the lessons learned from your studies in real time.

Overall, picking up an MBA focused on building experience both professionally and personally with flexible learning structures made perfect sense for me, so that’s why I decided to pursue an MBA part time.

Challenges of Juggling Work, Life & Studies

Coming back to school after all these years was quite a challenge. The task of managing my full-time job, everyday life and studying for the MBA exams all at once proved to be a laborious task. It felt like I was a juggler trying to keep the plates spinning for all three areas at once.

It took some trial and error before I figured out how to work smarter and stay organized. I implemented specific strategies, like setting realistic goals and balancing my workload with relaxing activities after study sessions, into my day-to-day routine. Here are some tips that helped me tackle this juggling act:

Learning Outcomes Beyond the Classroom

The part-time MBA program was more than just a business degree; it was a transformational experience that I think everybody should consider as a way to advance their career. The learning outcomes I experienced went way beyond what could be gained in the classroom.

The most interesting part of my MBA journey was the connections I made with like-minded professionals. Through networking meetings and seminars, I formed strong relationships with people from various industries, many of whom have become mentors or have opened doors for me in my current field. It was amazing how much we all learned from each other, and the support we gave each other during our studies is something that I still value to this day.

Another unforeseen outcome of my MBA program was an increase in confidence. I had always been hesitant to speak up or take on leadership roles, but the MBA steered me away from my comfort zone and changed the way I looked at things. It also taught me valuable lessons in time management and financial planning that have proven invaluable throughout my career and personal life. By focusing on goal setting and prioritization, I found that I had more time to focus on taking care of myself physically and mentally, with enough left over for family activities as well.

BIGGEST Challenge – Balancing Work and Education

One of the biggest challenges I faced was balancing my work and education. Pursuing a part-time MBA course requires a significant time commitment, and I had to find a way to manage my time effectively. I created a schedule that allowed me to prioritize my work and education equally. I had to sacrifice some of my leisure time and social life, but the rewards were worth it.
Make sure you have enough time for studying – invest in efficient productivity methods that help you focus

Prioritize your tasks – identify which tasks you need to prioritize and focus on those first

Schedule breaks throughout the day – take regular breaks during your studies to help reduce stress

Get support from family and friends – make sure they understand what you’re going through and can provide support when needed
In time, I found success in maintaining a balance between work, life, and studies which allowed me to make the most out of my MBA experience. It was an amazing journey that gave me a chance to grow professionally and personally!

Real-World Learning

The fact that my MBA is 100% coursework focusing on case studies and real world learning was a significant advantage. As a working professional, I was able to apply what I learned in the classroom to my job. This made my learning experience more relevant and practical, and I was able to see the immediate impact of my education on my career.

Networking Opportunities

Another significant advantage of the Roehampton part-time MBA course is the networking opportunities it offers. I was able to connect with other professionals in my industry and learn from their experiences. The connections I made during my course have helped me advance my career and open up new opportunities.

One of my favorite aspects of networking is the strong community that exists even after the course ended. Everyone is so welcoming and eager to help each other out – it’s great to have a group of people who can relate to my experiences and offer support and encouragement when needed.

Networking has allowed me not only grow professionally but also personally. The relationships that I’ve formed along the way are invaluable, as they provide me with an ever-growing support system that helps me reach my goals both inside and outside of business school.

Balancing Professional Development & Personal Growth

Going through an MBA program isn’t just about professional development—I’ve also seen some impressive personal growth during this journey of mine. It was quite a stretch to balance working full time and studying part-time, but accomplishing that was no small feat.

Though it felt like a big challenge at the beginning, I soon learned how to effectively manage my time and prioritize tasks. I picked up some nifty skills along the way too, like how to work effectively in teams or how to think critically about any given problem. Plus, I had other students who also had part-time jobs and were facing similar issues—we were all in this together.

Moreover, my MBA has taught me how to communicate my thoughts and ideas in a more effective manner and helped me develop the confidence to navigate complex situations better. A major benefit of learning at my own pace and alongside experienced professionals was the feedback I received from them which has been immensely valuable.

I’m proud of myself for having stuck with it, even when things got tough. Going back to school after so long was a risk worth taking as I’ve now come out of it with a set of new skills that have served me well during my career progression over the past few years.

Graduation and Beyond

After 10 months of balancing work and education, I finally graduated with my MBA degree. The sense of accomplishment and pride I felt was indescribable. The skills and knowledge I gained during my part-time MBA course have helped me advance my career and become a more valuable asset to my organization.

My Goals for the Future

As I look back on my part-time MBA experience, I’m more confident than ever in my future. With the support of classmates and professors, I have grown personally and professionally throughout this journey. My ambitions for the future have shifted and changed, and now I have a better understanding of my goals for the future.

Strategic Thinking

I have developed a deep appreciation for strategic thinking, which has given me the skills to identify opportunities in any environment. I’m able to leverage this new knowledge to create immersive experiences that drive tangible results. Whether it be at a Fortune 500 company or a startup venture, I feel confident that I can make meaningful contributions that lead to success.

Disruptive Change Maker

I am determined to become known as an agent of change—a disruptor who uses forward-thinking strategies to stay ahead of the competition. To achieve this goal, I am looking forward to staying active in relevant business groups where conversations are centered around creating impactful solutions while challenging industry norms.

Coupled with my drive and newly acquired skillset, my ambitions are clear—becoming a disruptor who leads by example and initiates meaningful change along the way.

At the end of the day, though it was a difficult balancing act between work and studies, pursuing a part-time MBA was invaluable. It taught me important lessons about myself and the world we live in, and I am incredibly grateful for the experience.


In conclusion, pursuing a part-time MBA course was a challenging but rewarding journey. It required a significant time commitment and sacrifice, but the benefits were worth it. The real-world learning experience, networking opportunities, and career advancement potential made it an excellent investment in my education and career. If you are a working professional looking to enhance your skills and advance your career, I highly recommend considering a part-time MBA course.

About the Author

Ms Rina is an Assistant Director of a Corporate Training Company headquartered in Singapore

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