Masters In Psychology: Is It A Valuable Investment For You?

February 16, 2022

Masters In Psychology: Is It A Valuable Investment For You?

In this day and age where awareness of mental health is growing steadily, psychology is becoming more and more in demand as a long-term career. In Singapore, in particular, studies have shown that the number of teenagers seeking professional help for mental health issues such as anxiety and depression is on the rise—amid the rising pressure of school stress. This could only mean that the job prospects for psychology graduates are looking good, with salaries that might be well above some individuals’ expectations.

While many are able to find their dream job after attaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology, some might prefer to invest more time and money to further enhance their skills by returning to school to obtain a master’s degree. Additionally, those from different industries seeking a successful career change in the field of psychology might also consider a psychology master’s degree to amp up their career and expertise.

In this article, we discuss four reasons why embarking in Singapore on a psychology master’s degree can bring about multiple advantages and rewarding employment opportunities—not just in psychology-related areas but across various fields as well.


Open doors to multiple career opportunities

A master’s in psychology is designed to provide advanced theoretical knowledge and research insights, as well as practical skills in psychology. It is common for some to think that a master’s degree in psychology could only lead to careers such as a psychologist, when, in reality, this certification is highly relevant and essential across numerous employment capacities. As one of the significant benefits of pursuing a psychology master’s degree, it can intrinsically help you land a job in a therapeutic or counseling setting, a laboratory, a human resources department at a company, social work, and more.

Moreover, you can utilise the skills and knowledge gained from your psychology master’s education in other sectors such as marketing, advertising, government services, and even prison or parole officer work! In essence, acquiring a master’s degree in psychology can open up an innumerable number of career opportunities across a wide array of fields.


Ideal for non-psychology graduates and learners

Depending on the graduate school and academic requirements, you may apply for a master’s degree in psychology without having to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the same discipline—ideal for individuals looking to switch careers. For example, Aventis Graduate School offers a master’s degree program in psychology explicitly intended for non-psychology students as well as those with a non-accredited psychology degree in Singapore. Hence, mid-career individuals interested in changing their career into one that is psychology-related can look into schools such as Aventis for growth opportunities.

“Your learning takes place in the company of experienced working professionals who provide a unique vantage point into the subject at hand.” Whether you are seeking to expand your knowledge, further your qualifications or widen your network, you will find that Aventis offers you an opportunity to do so like no other. ” shared with Aventis Psychology graduate, Mr. Cheo Hu Gang, Manager, Rotra Singapore.


Strong career outlook and rewarding career

The care sector is one of the key growth sectors identified by SkillsFuture Singapore. The inaugural Skills Demand for the Future Economy report showed that jobs in the care sector are likely to be in demand over the next 3 years. Thus, skills and training are needed to take on such roles in these growth areas.

The demand for Singapore workers in the care economy is expected to rise with Singapore’s ageing population and the evolving demands for work, learning, and care. Jobs in the care economy refer to those that provide services such as healthcare, education, community care, and wellness. The future prospects of psychology graduates are bright, with a healthy demand for psychologists in sectors such as clinical, industries, schools, counseling, and more.

Strong career outlook and rewarding career

Infographics: Samuel Woo/TODAY

Apart from the increased job opportunities, securing a master’s degree in psychology can also help you gain mid-to high-range pay potential in many areas of the field. The salary guidelines stated by the National Council of Social Service show a minimum monthly salary of $3,230 for an Associate Psychologist with a degree. In contrast, a psychologist with postgraduate qualifications receives $4,110. According to Payscale, the average annual salary for psychologists in Singapore is about $50,176.


A meaningful and purposeful career in caring for others

Beyond the practical aspects, individuals who enjoy helping others – especially those suffering from mental health issues – may find that specialising in specific areas of psychology is extremely rewarding. After all, being in the industry allows you to view firsthand the impact your job has on others, as it enables you to work directly with clients, either in a group or one-on-one setting. This demonstrates that a master’s degree in psychology not only provides access to a profitable career but also one that allows them to help many people on a daily basis.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and hope to expand my acquired knowledge further into practice. My experience at Aventis has been very beneficial. The lecturers were highly professional and qualified. I will definitely introduce this programme and Aventis to my friends, “shared one of Aventis’ psychology graduates, Ms. Stansy, Manager of Allcare Nursing Services.

Things to consider before embarking on a Masters in Psychology

Here are a few essential pointers that can be beneficial for you prior to starting your new educational journey:

  • Take note of the required courses so that you can be organised.
  • Check the class schedule and get ahead with reading.
  • Practice time management by writing down deadlines and key dates so that you are clear of your priorities.
  • Plan carefully to ensure that you can take all the classes needed within the programme timeframe.

When it comes to a postgraduate course, it would be best to ensure that you take additional steps for a more seamless transition into the programme.



There are many reasons to consider pursuing a master’s degree in psychology. Aside from expanding your career opportunities and boosting your income, a psychology master’s degree can also enhance your skills and knowledge while simultaneously expanding your potential to help others professionally. If you are keen on striving for continuous improvement, then a master’s degree is an excellent choice for you!

Speaking of continuous improvement, if you are a working professional seeking to experience a holistic education in Singapore, Aventis Graduate School is the institution that can provide you with all you need-personally and professionally. An established and trustworthy education partner with over 15 years of successful track record and over 3,000 successful alumni, Aventis has always been committed to providing the best graduate programmes, including Masters in Psychology, Masters in Counselling, Masters in Mental Health and executive MBA courses, in Singapore. Our knowledgeable and dedicated instructors are here to assist you in quickly achieving all of your career objectives!

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