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Business Administration

This program is designed to meet the growing demands of business executives and managers.

Digital Marketing & Gamification

The program is designed to provide candidates with a comprehensive examination of tactics and strategies across social media, search engine marketing, web analytics, gamification, email & more.

Digital Forensics & Cyber Security

The program is designed to improve the technical capabilities of IT and Computer Science professions across Asia.

Counter Terrorism & Security

The program is designed for working professionals; aims to improve professional standards by deepening students’ understanding of the history and motivators of terrorism

Social Psychology

The program is designed for candidates with little or no knowledge in psychology and counselling based on useful theories and practical knowledge.

Organizational Psychology

This is a practical oriented program focused on delivering business solutions to improve organizational fit, employee engagement and long-term business success.

Applied Psychology

The program is a practically oriented course designed to educate students with no previous experience in the discipline.

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