Graduate Diploma in psychotherapy and Counselling

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Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling


The Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling is a practical and stimulating program designed for candidates with little or no knowledge in psychology. psychotherapy and counselling. It provides foundational learning and requires critical analysis and discussion in the concepts and ideas. This program is designed for professionals so that they can have a deeper understanding of psychotherapy and develop practical counselling techniques.

  • Learn the fundamental theories and skills of psychotherapy including professionalism and ethical guidelines of being a therapist.
  • Relate social theory to practice and how different sociological Concepts and paradigms impact on contemporary social issues
  • Achieve competence and to practice within the guidelines and ethical codes of counselling.
6 Months Part Time
Weekend Classes
100% Coursework

Programme Structure

This programme comprises of 4 modules, which will help you gain cutting edge Social Psychology knowledge and practical hands-on counselling skills using current industry best practices as case studies and benchmark.


This module will allow you to gain familiarity with a good range of counselling and psychotherapy approaches. This module aims to acquaint you with the key fundamentals of counselling skills which include reflective listening, mirroring, and empathy, use of silence, resistance and appropriate interventions.

This module aims to introduces the students the fundamental elements of counselling. In addition to understanding the theoretical perspectives that underpin core counselling practice, you will develop a range of discrete and effective counselling skills including: attending, observing, listening, responding accurately and empathically to clients, and identifying inappropriate and unhelpful practices.


This module aims to equip students with a working understanding of the code of Ethics and the contemporary practice of psychotherapy. It aims to address some of the myths and fantasies about ethics and proceed with a proposed working definition of ethics.

This module aims to examine developmental psychology throughout our lifespan. It aims to examine how developmental theory, knowledge base, and methodology can be used to promote health and welfare of individuals across different ages. You will be introduced to several major theories that help summarize and organize.


This is 100% coursework based programme.

Delivery Structure

All classes are conducted via face to face instructions and interactions. Students are engaged in the learning process through lectures, groups discussions, experiential exercises, interactive role plays, supervised practice of counselling work and supervision. Classes would be held on the weekends as shown below.

9am to
9am to


This highly interactive program enables individuals to acquire communication techniques, which are useful in daily social context. From social services, human resources, customer service, management, marketing to parenting and personal growth.  After studying this Graduate Diploma, you would be able to have a chance to pursue a rewarding career in Social services and related areas.

Admission Criteria

Participants are expected to contribute to the class learning experiences in a cohort and peer learning environment. You will be assessed based on experience, aptitude, potential and managerial skills.

At least 21 years old with a Degree in any discipline

A Diploma in any course (minimum of 5 years relevant work experience).

Mature Candidates (at least 30 years old) with minimum 8 years of working experience.


Please download the brochure or enquire at 8186 3651 for more information.

What Does Our Students Say About Us?

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and hope to expand my acquired knowledge further into practice. It has been an enriching experience especially for adult learners. The Lecturers’ considerations and efforts shaped and moulded us accordingly. My experience at Aventis has been very beneficial to me. The course was very interesting and the Lecturers were highly professional and qualified. I will definitely introduce this programmes and Aventis to my friends."
Ms. Stansy Stephen
Manger, Allcare Nursing Services
"Your learning will also take place in the company of experienced working professionals, just like yourself who can provide a unique vantage point into the subject at hand. Whether you are seeking to expand your knowledge, to further develop your qualifications or to widen your network, you will find that Aventis offers you an opportunity to do so like no other."
Mr. Cheo Hu Gang
Rotra Chemicals


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