Get Certified in ESG and Business Sustainability

December 14, 2022

Get Certified in ESG and Business Sustainability
December 14, 2022
7PM - 8PM
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Get Certified in ESG and Business Sustainability

Exploring in-demand and exciting ESG and Green careers, where you will play an meaningful and critical role in contributing to sustainable business strategy, managing Carbon footprint and exploring sustainability reporting and green financing.

What Is Sustainability And Why Is It Important in 2023?

In the green economy, many existing jobs will require green skills as companies across sectors adopt more environmentally sustainable practices and develop sustainability targets for compliance and reporting. While green infrastructure and mobility, and energy, resource circularity, and decarbonisation are key skills areas that see very high demand growth

Gain an in-demand ESG and Business Sustainability Certification and Graduate Diploma

Professionals with these jobs are called green-collar professionals, reflecting their professional commitment to environmental issues. The most obvious ones are environmental scientists and engineers, but there are also less obvious ones, like sustainability consultants, sustainable product designers, ESG and sustainability consultant.

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