Do You Need A Masters To Advance? 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

March 15, 2022

Do You Need A Masters To Advance? 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Choosing to pursue a master’s degree is undoubtedly a tough decision. For certain careers, like those in human sciences, having a postgraduate qualification such as a psychology or HR master’s degree can be a big help and provide you with the necessary key to elevate your career journey. However, it comes with a substantial price and is a relatively time-consuming commitment. But if you are truly determined to advance your dream career, earn more in your industry, or both, then here are five key questions to ask yourself before starting your research.


What is your main reason for a postgraduate education?

What is your main reason for a postgraduate education

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Some people pursue a master’s degree because they are uncertain about what to do next in their career, thinking that going back to school is the safest bet. Others wish to become more competitive in their industry and to progress in their careers. Indeed, many reasons can drive one to think about applying for higher education in their respective fields. However, it is essential to note that successfully obtaining a master’s degree is not an effective method of helping you figure out the next step in your career. Instead, it serves as the bridge that lets you leap closer to your career aspirations.


If you had a more exciting or higher-paying role, would you still go for a master’s degree?

Is postgraduate education the key to becoming successful in your career? Or do you simply want one to feel more qualified? Perhaps the extra hands-on experience would bear the same results? Although achieving a master’s degree would undoubtedly feel like a worthy accomplishment, maybe a new and fantastic opportunity is the only thing you need in the end, instead of an advanced degree. Oftentimes, it is easy to forget that many routes lead toward our desired success. All that is necessary is to get out of your comfort zone first before committing to a nonetheless rewarding endeavour as pursuing a master’s.

The potential to earn higher is undoubtedly one of the main factors that make working professionals enrol in a postgraduate degree programme. This is because a postgraduate degree is found to relatively improve an individual’s financial prospects, as opposed to a bachelor’s degree. PayScale Singapore cited that a bachelor’s degree graduate’s salary is about 2.3 times lower per annum than that of an MBA graduate, and 3.2 times lower than an executive MBA graduate’s average salary.

PayScale Singapore cited that a bachelor’s degree graduate’s



Is the qualification something you want for yourself or what others want for you?

One’s family, parents especially, are generally the ones that constantly want their children to achieve more in life. Many employers also welcome and desire more qualifications from their employees. However, in the end, the desire to pursue a higher degree should ultimately be your personal decision, not one that is placed on you. In this way, you are likely to be more driven to graduate and overcome the many challenges that lie ahead.


How will a master’s degree affect your career now and in the future?

Knowing the benefits of a master’s degree for your future self is crucial to consider before sending in your application. Although such a degree can offer many dividends, the process and the path to achieving it is undoubtedly taxing and requires much sacrifice in both your money and time.

Pursuing a master’s degree more often than not means having to juggle many extra responsibilities for a period of time, all while holding down a full-time job or temporarily quitting altogether. There is also the possibility of having to make significant financial and personal decisions, like taking out extra loans, along the way. Thus, it is imperative that your reasoning for wanting the qualification is solid enough to withstand the many difficulties that await in graduate school. Additionally, it would be best to make sure you have a definite purpose for attending graduate school and have clear expectations about what you want to get out of it.


Does embarking on a postgraduate programme expand your network?

The adage goes, “your network is your net worth”—one of the key benefits of expanding your network is that it could expand your net worth simultaneously.

As an MBA student, you have many opportunities to network. In the professional world, networking means connecting with like-minded people in a professional context and finding ways to collaborate, discuss, and develop your own knowledge, skills, and career. At the same time, you can accentuate your business management capabilities.



It is proven that graduates holding postgraduate qualifications have a higher chance of enjoying more successful careers and holding senior-level management positions as compared to bachelor’s degree holders. However, because a postgraduate degree takes 12 to 18 months to complete, it requires time sacrifice, effort, and faith in the investment.However, you do have the choice to opt for an online programme that ultimately provides more flexibility and lets you learn at your own pace. For example, Aventis has a 10-month part-time Masters in Business Administration program that does exactly as mentioned – with an excellent alumni network in Singapore and over 25 successful cohorts.

Happy graduates at Aventis! Onwards and forward

Happy graduates at Aventis! Onwards and forward.

Having a clear and purposeful intention is necessary before committing to pursue postgraduate education. This ensures that all the time and effort you will eventually put in will help you get much closer to the career of your dreams. Otherwise, it is best to reconsider your plans before taking the first step. Lastly, it is natural to feel anxious or stressed before or during your journey in graduate school, so keep in mind that you can always see a psychotherapist to ensure your mental health is in the best shape to deal with the challenges that await.

Aventis’ graduation ceremony

Aventis’ graduation ceremony.

Once you are set on pursuing a master’s degree, the next step is to select a qualified educational institution. Aventis Graduate School offers a broad range of specialised masters and executive MBA courses in Singapore for working professionals ready to aspirate to new ambitions, achieve career success, and accomplish meaningful goals. Aventis, an established graduate institution with over 15 years of successful track record and over 3,000 alumni, is always ready to assist you in achieving success in your career journey.

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