Beyond the Silver Tsunami: Preparing for The Future of Healthcare

April 24, 2024

Beyond the Silver Tsunami: Preparing for The Future of Healthcare

Singapore, an Aging Population?

Singapore’s population is rapidly aging. According to a news article published from The Straits Times, by 2030, around one in four citizens, or 23.8 per cent, will be aged 65 and above. It was 17.6 per cent in 2021. With an aging population comes a growing demand for specialized care, especially for elderly or critical care.

The impact on Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is also significant. Of 874 patients, 41.3 per cent were young, and the elderly consisting of the old and very elderly adds up to a shocking 58.7 per cent of the ICU.  It creates a pressing need for well-trained professionals who can provide high-quality care for this complex and vulnerable population.

The Future of Health Care

The future of healthcare in Singapore is one that looks like a hospital without walls. An example would be, patients who need chronic care, such as for diabetes or ongoing heart issues, can have a healthcare professional regularly checking in on their blood pressure virtually.

Is the Graduate Diploma in Elderly and Critical Care Right For You?

  • This programme is suitable for both students with healthcare backgrounds and those without.
  • This programme is designed for those who seek to acquire in-depth knowledge of elder care or pursue careers In the aged-care services.
  • The programme aims to develop the skills to handle the social, physical and psychological wellbeing of the elderly.

Are you the one?

Our Graduate Diploma in Elderly and Critical Care programme:  

  • 6 months part-time
  • 100% Online via Zoom
  • 4 Core modules covered:
  1. Health Psychology
  2. Advanced Care Planning and End-of-Life Issues
  3. Health and Aged Care Systems and Policy
  4. Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease

Benefits Beyond the Diploma

Enrolling in this program isn’t just about acquiring knowledge – it’s about positioning yourself for success in a high-demand field. Here’s what you stand to gain:

  1. Enhanced Job Prospects: With Singapore’s ageing population, healthcare providers are actively seeking professionals with specialized skills in elderly care. This diploma sets you apart from the competition through specialized knowledge for effective management and care within diverse healthcare environment.
  2. Career Growth: This program serves as a springboard for further professional development. You can leverage your newfound expertise to pursue advanced geriatric qualifications or specialize in specific critical care areas. Our Diploma allows students to stay relevant in the evolving eldercare industry.
  3. Making a Difference: With the understanding of the major theories that guide the field of health psychology, while also providing quality care to a vulnerable population, you’ll directly contribute to Singapore’s healthcare system and enhance the lives of elderly patients and their families.

Your Path Forward

Are you ready to answer the call? The Graduate Diploma in Elderly and Critical Care program offers an unparalleled educational experience that can convert those seeking a fulfilling career move or seasoned healthcare professionals wishing to upskill. Come along as we help to shape healthcare’s future and become a force for good in our neighbourhood.

Enroll now to start a journey of greatness, compassion, and discovery. Let’s work together to change the lives of one patient at a time.

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