Benefits of Earning an MBA: How a Part-Time Program Can Boost Your Career

January 14, 2023

Benefits of Earning an MBA: How a Part-Time Program Can Boost Your Career

Maximize Your Potential With a Part-Time MBA Program From Singapore: Worth Your Investment?

You’re considering an MBA. Good choice! An MBA can give your career a serious boost. But the decision isn’t easy. You have to weigh the pros and cons of different programs and decide what’s best for you.

That’s where this article comes in. We’ll outline the benefits of earning an MBA, with a particular focus on part-time programs. We’ll also list some of the best part-time MBA programs in Singapore so you can start your research.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to learn more about the benefits of an MBA and find the program that’s right for you!

What Is a Part-Time MBA Program in Singapore

It’s a type of MBA program that allows you to continue working while you’re enrolled in school. That’s why it’s such a popular option for professionals who want to boost their career without interrupting their current job or personal life.

Part-time MBA programs in Singapore come with all the same benefits as traditional full-time programs. You’ll get access to top faculty, world-class resources and a strong network of alumni and peers. Plus, you can choose from a variety of specializations to focus your studies on the areas that matter most to you.

Why Should You Consider a Part-Time MBA Program?

You should consider a part-time MBA program because it can help boost your career.

A lot has changed in the business world over the last few years, and you need to be ahead of the curve if you want to move up the corporate ladder. An MBA will give you the edge you need to succeed in this ever-changing landscape.

But maybe you’re worried that you don’t have the time to commit to a full-time program. That’s where a part-time MBA comes in. You can study while you work, and you’ll still get all the benefits of a traditional MBA.

So why not consider a part-time MBA program? It could be the best decision you ever make.

Benefits of Earning a Part-time MBA Degree

An MBA degree is one of the most sought-after qualifications in the world. But it’s not just about the prestige. An MBA can give you a real edge in your career, no matter what field you’re in.

Here are some of the benefits of earning an MBA:

  1. You’ll learn essential business skills that will help you climb the corporate ladder.
  2. You’ll get networking opportunities with top business professionals.
  3. You’ll have a better understanding of how businesses operate, which will help you in your own career.
  4. You’ll be able to apply what you learn in class to real-world situations.
  5. You’ll be able to boost your salary and advance your career faster.

Popular Part-time MBA in Singapore

As a business education location, Singapore provides a diverse range of MBA options and long-term job chances. It is a hub of some top MBA schools in Singapore. Professionals who want to be prospective managers are interested in pursuing an MBA in Singapore because of its high-quality education, inexpensive courses, and the presence of a dynamic economy. Students interested in pursuing higher education in Singapore have the advantage of being able to select from a diverse range of programs and schools. 

Some of the most popular MBA in Singapore includes part-time MBA offered by National University of Singapore, Nanyang University of Technology NTU, Singapore management university (SMU) , University of California MBA and University of Roehampton London MBA

Salary Bump: The Potential Gains With a Part-Time MBA From Singapore

Every year, more and more people are finding out the benefits of enrolling in a part-time MBA program. A part-time MBA program gives you the opportunity to further your career while still being able to work and manage family responsibilities. In Singapore, you can find a variety of part-time MBA programs that can fit into your existing lifestyle.

What You Need to Know About Pursuing an MBA on a Part-Time Basis in Singapore

From accelerated courses that allow you to complete your studies in two years, to courses that are tailored for professionals who want to start their own business, there are plenty of options available. You’ll be able to benefit from in-depth exposure to management strategies and techniques, as well as gain the technical skills needed to succeed at the next level. Plus, having an MBA qualification will open up new job opportunities and give you added confidence when it comes to making career decisions.

Enrolling in a part-time MBA program will also enable you to network with experienced professionals and connect with potential mentors who can help you advance your career. It’s an invaluable resource in today’s competitive job market!

Networking Opportunities and Salary Potential After an MBA

When you earn an MBA, the contacts you make during your studies could be invaluable. After all, who you know is often just as important as what you know in the working world. While studying for your MBA, you’ll be interacting with plenty of potential business partners and employers, giving you a great opportunity to build relationships and make long-term connections.

And once you have your MBA in hand, these networking opportunities can really pay off! In Singapore, an MBA graduate can often expect to see their salary double—a huge incentive for someone who’s thinking about taking their career to the next level. And that’s not all: MBAs can also expect to gain access to prestigious clubs and associations where they can build even more connections and have access to exclusive networking events.

Questions to Ask When Considering a Part-Time MBA Program in Singapore

Now that you understand all the amazing benefits of earning an MBA, you may be ready to explore your options for part-time programs in Singapore. But before you apply, be sure to ask these important questions:

  • How flexible are the course timings? Many part-time programs offer flexible schedules that can accommodate your existing job and family commitments. Be sure to check whether the program allows students to take classes on evenings or weekends.
  • Does the school offer internships? Most MBA programs include an internship component, but be sure to check whether the program has partnerships with companies in Singapore or other countries, so you can access those networks for your internship.
  • What kind of support is offered? Most part-time MBA programs offer guidance and mentorship from experienced instructors and industry professionals. Make sure that you understand what kind of support is offered throughout the program so that you can make the most of it.

Flagship Part-time MBA Singapore

Doing your research now will ensure that you make an informed decision when selecting a part-time MBA program in Singapore. Good luck!

One highly popular MBA you can consider is the University of Roehampton London MBA. With over 26 intakes of successful track record and thousands of alumni in Singapore, This MBA is ideal for professionals with more than 8 years of working experience and are now seeking to deepen their knowledge in business strategy and change management. Choose an internationally and QAA (UK) recognised master’s degree in business administration with a focus on sustainable business strategy will put you ahead of your peers.


There are many benefits of earning an MBA. For one, a higher salary is often one of the biggest advantages of having an MBA. In addition, an MBA can give you the skills you need to move up in your career. And finally, an MBA can help you build a strong professional network.

Enrolling in a part-time MBA does not necessarily mean you have to put your career on hold while you study. Aventis offers part-time MBA programs from world-renowned institutes, such as the University of Roehampton and California State University, that seek to develop the strategic skills necessary to succeed in the global economy today and in the future. To learn more details and starting dates of our part-time MBA programs and Master’s Degree courses in Singapore, visit our website or contact us today for more details.

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