Aventis launches New Frontier Tech Masters Programmes

July 30, 2022

Aventis launches New Frontier Tech Masters Programmes

Programme aims to prepare professionals for mid-career switch into high growth digital economy

Aventis Graduate School, in partnership with the University of West London and London Metropolitan University, announces the launch of a new suite of Masters degree programmes in frontier technology, including a Masters in Artificial Intelligence, a Masters in Cyber Security, and a Masters in Data Analytics.

Growing demand for Tech Professionals 

Demand for reskilling and upskilling of the workforce in Singapore is expected to increase as the nation continues its economic transformation. A recent 2021 Amazon report found that Singapore will need 1.2 million additional digital workers by 2025 in order to remain competitive. These programmes will provide appropriate knowledge and training to utilize these technologies in response to workplace demands. For example, based on the latest statistics, a Chief Security Officer will earn up to $360,000 per annum. 

Invest in priority skills to seize new opportunities

New and emerging growth areas will bring about new jobs and changes to existing jobs and skills. Prioritising the acquisition of relevant skills in these growth areas will enable you to access new opportunities. The suite of specialised masters programs will be offered in modular formats to meet the schedules of busy professionals and can be completed within one year (12 months). Students will study the application of frontier tech skills including machine learning, cyber security, and data analytics across many sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, sales and marketing, healthcare, financial services, and risk management, as well as key theory and best practices in data visualization, AI and operations management, and AI in human resources. Students may begin courses at any time during the academic year.

Build your Tech Skills stacks

To perform well in every job role, you will require both technical skills and critical-thinking skills. Aventis Academic Director, Professor Malick, shared, “Whilst bachelor and diploma programs offer a broad curriculum, it typically lacks the depth of specialization provided in a master’s degree.” Our new suite of new master’s programs will build on students’ experience and develop their knowledge and its applications in many facets of business. With this newly launched Masters Programme, we look forward to nurturing the next generation of Frontier tech practitioners and helping them unlock career opportunities in the digital economy. ” 

The course challenged me to think in a different way and helped me to develop a holistic approach to the industry I work in. After finishing my course, I was promoted to Head of Global Security Operations and now I am moving to an even bigger company with a broader role.” 

– Mr. Luca, SVP Head of Group Corporate Security

This new suite of Masters is also advantageous for individuals who already have an undergraduate degree in business, computer science, computer engineering, information technology, or information systems. 

“Thank you, Aventis Graduate School, for organizing great events for career opportunities in frontier technologies. The masters’ programmes in these technologies, especially the MSc in Cyber Security, are helping cyber professionals to grow in their careers.

– Ajay Kumar, Regional Head-Cyber Security and Risk Management Services CrowdStrike

Mr. Samuel Teo, General Manager, shared, “We are extremely excited about our new suite of frontier tech masters, which focus on hands-on skills to meet the demand.” For learners without a technical background, we offer a Graduate Diploma in AI and Data Science in collaboration with AI Singapore, to help nurture the AI and Data Science talent pipeline. If you are a mid-career professional keen on a tech-related role, these programmes will be equipped with in-demand tech skills and help you explore new career opportunities.

Explore exciting Career Networking Opportunities

As the demand for frontier technology professionals continues to surge, securing the right professional credential and postgraduate qualification will prepare you for a challenging and satisfying career at the front lines, where digital data is constantly under attack. Aventis collaborates with SGInnovate and AI Singapore, which brings together over 7000 regional and global corporations who represent go-to-market help, joint product development, and investment funding. 

Embark on your Learning Journey

Explore exciting new career opportunities, grow your professional network, and propel your career. Join over 3,000 successful graduates and check out our latest suite of courses at www.aventis.edu.sg.

About Aventis Graduate School

Aventis is a global graduate school, headquartered in Singapore, with more than 60,000 learners across the world. Established in 2007, Aventis collaborates with leading universities across the United Kingdom and the United States to deliver best-in-class graduate education for working professionals across Asia. Aventis offers an exciting suite of frontier technology programmes, including Master of Science in Cyber Security, Master of Science in Data Analytics, Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence.

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