Asia’s Top Most Leading B-Schools in 2023

October 08, 2023

Asia’s Top Most Leading B-Schools in 2023

Gobalization has interconnected Asian economies with the rest of the world, leading to increased international trade and investment. This has encouraged Asian businesses to seek globally competent professionals, further boosting the demand for business education. This demand gave rise to some of the finest business schools in Asia, fostering globally competent professionals.

Aventis Graduate School is one of Asia’s Leading Business Schools, contributing highly to this sector and has a strong academic reputation, offering high- quality graduate programs that are relevant and up-to-date with industry demands. Its distinguished faculty, with a combination of academic qualifications and industry experience, provides students with valuable insights and practical knowledge.

Aventis Graduate School is also a member of the GRI Community, a global community jointly advancing sustainability reporting and an active participant in the United National Global Compact initiative, which enables students to engage with a global network of sustainability practitioners and collaborate with overseas institutions, attracting a diverse and international student body.

Aventis Graduate School’s successful alums play a significant role in enhancing the school’s reputation, offering mentorship, networking opportunities, and career support to over 3,000 alums and 60,000 learners in its ecosystem.

Attracting Aspiring Innovators

With an emphasis on fostering innovation and digital transformation, Aventis is the 1st graduate school to establish a Metaverse campus that attracts aspiring innovators, faculty, and learners to come together to take on new initiatives.

As a graduate school dedicated to working professionals across Asia, Aventis only offers executive education to senior professionals and executives. Leveraging the latest technology, Aventis Graduate School aims to make executive education affordable and accessible to professionals across Asia.

Some of its most notable programs include the Graduate Diploma in Business Sustainability and Environment, Social & Governance, which aims to prepare Professionals and Businesses for a Sustainable Future in the emerging green sector. Other popular programs include its Graduate Diploma in Data Science & AI and Masters in AI and Data Analytics, which provide credentials for professionals seeking to advance their careers in frontier technology.

Aventis is proud to announce its latest project – a cutting-edge Metaverse experience that will allow users to explore a virtual world like never before. Aventis Graduate School established the partnership on 20 April 2023 with Frame, a subsidiary of Virbela, one of the world’s leading developers of Metaverse technology, to leverage the power of the Metaverse to deliver cutting-edge training experiences. Together, the two companies will work to create immersive training environments that will allow learners to experience immersive learning and training experience in a safe, virtual environment.

Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Learning Environment

Aventis Graduate School reaffirms its dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment that celebrates the richness of individual perspectives and backgrounds. As part of its ongoing commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, Aventis Graduate School continues to champion initiatives that nurture a sense of belonging and empower all students to thrive academically and professionally.

Some key initiatives include diverse and holistic admissions policies that consider diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that can lead to a more inclusive student body. It also provides scholarships and financial aid for underrepresented groups that help to ensure students from diverse backgrounds have access to higher education through the launch of its 1 Million USD Scholarship.

Aventis also provides diversity and inclusion training for faculty, staff, and students to raise awareness of biases, promote understanding, and develop inclusive behaviors. It actively recruits and retains diverse faculty and staff members to contribute to a more inclusive learning and working environment.

Souvenir of Superiority

The alums of Aventis Graduate School are thriving in their respective fields. Dr. Patrick Liew, Executive Chairman of Singapore-based GEX Ventures, an investment and property company, is one of the prominent names among them.

Dr. Patrick Liew co-founded Junior Achievement Singapore, a part of the Nobel Prize-nominated JA Worldwide network, which equips youth with 21st- century skills such as financial and environmental literacy. He is a Goodwill ambassador and philanthropist who has served in numerous charities and NGOs, including Co-Chairman of Responsible Gambling Forum (Ministry of Social and Family Development), Patron of Kebun Baru Grassroots Organisation, Mentor of Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California.

Mr Delane Lim, Managing Partner and Principal Consultant, FutuReady Asia Singapore, received the President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards 2020 given by the President of Singapore, Ms Halimah Yacob, for his contribution to society and the community. In 2021, Mr Delane Lim started an initiative, #OpsHandsOn, to provide free masks and hand sanitizers to seniors and vulnerable residents in neighborhoods across Singapore and was commended by the Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, for his contribution.

Increasing Educational Accessibility

As a graduate school dedicated to the professional development and networking of professionals across Asia, Aventis Graduate School recognizes the vital importance of tapping into the immersive experience of the Metaverse to allow its learners, faculty, and alums to learn, connect, and network.

It enhanced accessibility and affordability for prospective learners. For the benefit of prospective learners, it aspires to make education accessible and affordable to its learners across Asia. Accessible because the Metaverse Campus allows it to bring its campus to learners regardless of where they may be instead of making it a requirement for them to attend the physical campus in Singapore. This has enabled Aventis Graduate School to expand its outreach of providing quality learning experiences on an international level, starting from the ASEAN region.

As a graduate school dedicated to senior executives, Aventis also focuses heavily on Applied Research over traditional academic research. It believes that applied research helps in addressing practical problems and finding solutions that can be implemented in real-world settings, with the main goal being to have a direct impact on society, industries, and communities.

Aventis also believes that applied research offers more relevance for its faculty and students since it is driven by the need to find answers to specific questions or challenges, often in collaboration with industry partners or governmental agencies. Lastly, its emphasis on applied research helps it drive innovation and technological advancements, leading to the development of new courses, services, and learning solutions for our community.

Fostering Ideal Partnerships

Industry partnerships and collaborations that extends globally are of paramount importance for Aventis as a graduate business school. AACSB Business Education Alliance, Global Reporting Initiative, United National Global Compact, International Association for Counselling, EC Council, AI Singapore, Institute for Human Resource Professionals (Singapore), and many more collaborations offer numerous advantages that enrich the learning experience for students, enhance the relevance of education, and contribute to the overall success and reputation of Aventis.

This partnership also helps Aventis Graduate School align its curriculum with current industry trends, challenges, and demands. By collaborating with industry partners and professional bodies across the world, Aventis can ensure that its programs are up-to-date and equip students with the practical skills and knowledge required in the real world. Aventis also provide Guest Lectures and Masterclass where it invites guest speakers, experts, and executives to deliver lectures and conduct workshops. This exposure to real-world insights and experiences enriches the learning environment and broadens students’ perspectives.

Building Sustainable Futures

As the world faces pressing environmental challenges, Aventis Graduate School is taking decisive steps to equip future leaders with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to drive positive change and build a sustainable future. With a deep understanding of the interconnection between business and the environment, Aventis Graduate School recognizes the importance of incorporating sustainability principles into its academic offerings. The school’s curriculum places a strong emphasis on sustainable business practices, green technologies, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility.

Aventis Graduate School is launching a series of courses in Business Sustainability and Environment, Social & Governance (ESG). The course is intended for professionals, business owners, senior management, and senior executives from SMEs and MNCs who want to expand their knowledge of the rapidly growing Green Economy. This comes as Singapore gears up to reskill its workforce amid a quickly evolving economy. The SkillsFuture Singapore’s Skills Demand for The Future Economy Report pinpointed clusters of skills in the digital, green, and care sectors most needed in the next one to three years.

Offering an Immersive Learning Journey

One key success story is Aventis’ collaboration with Institute for Adult Learning to create an Immersive Learning Experience through the innovDev initiative. Conceptualized as a multi-agency effort between SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), and IAL, this effort was aimed to support Training Providers and Enterprises with existing stop-gap measures or further iterate on their blended approach and plug existing shortcomings and weaknesses.

Through innovDev, Aventis will also receive expertise and guidance from blended learning coaches to ensure the pedagogical soundness of the programs put through innovDev. AGS will focus on leveraging education technology tools to enhance the quality of its program delivery through the use of interactive quizzes, scenario-based storytelling, and engaging discussions. The use of these new tools and solutions will greatly enhance the learning experience and offer students a well-rounded immersive learning journey.

“Aventis Graduate School sees inovDev as a step forward to improve blended learning to be immersive and easy to deliver for its faculty and learners. It is important that it enables adult educators to continue deepening their professional skills through quality learning that will help them to apply what they learn at work,” shared Professor Malick Sy, Aventis Graduate School’s Academic Director.

Another successful initiative was the launch of new courses in alignment with the latest Skills Demand for the Future Economy Report 2022 across three key growth sectors in frontier technologies, business sustainability, and the care sector. To meet the growing demand in the digital economy for data analysts, threat analysis managers, and cyber security specialists, Aventis offers a suite of Graduate Diplomas and master’s Degrees in cyber security, artificial intelligence, business automation, data science, and digital marketing.

For the care sector, Aventis now offers an extensive suite of Master’s Degrees and Graduate Diplomas in child psychology, organizational psychology, integrative counseling, and psychotherapy.

Lastly, for the green sector, Aventis will help mid-career professionals to now offers a suite of ESG and Business plan their skills development journey sustainability short courses and better. Aventis also has a team of academic programmes. This includes the Graduate Diploma in Business Sustainability and Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) and a 10-month part-time MBA that incorporates sustainable business strategy.

Another successful milestone is the groundbreaking Metaverse Learning Festival. This exclusive event will feature a series of talks and interactive sessions that explore the different aspects of the latest in AI Technology, Metaverse, and its potential for education. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from some of the leading experts in the field and explore the latest innovations in Metaverse education. To provide a continuous learning journey for mid-career professionals, Aventis leverages an IBM AI Powered Course Recommendation system to provide valuable skills insights that dedicated and experienced career consultants to provide 1-to-1 advice on the most suitable courses for mid- career professionals across different sectors.

Establishing Stronger Corporate Connections

Corporate networking plays a pivotal role in the success and growth of Aventis Graduate School. Establishing and maintaining strong connections with the corporate world offers numerous benefits that enrich the educational experience, enhance the employability of students, and elevate the overall reputation of the institution.

It also helps to facilitate alumni engagement, many of whom are established professionals in various industries. This engagement creates a strong alum network that offers ongoing support and career opportunities for current students

About Aventis Graduate School

Aventis is a Global Graduate School, headquartered in Singapore with more than 60,000 learners across the world. Established since 2007, Aventis collaborates with leading universities across the United Kingdom and the United States to deliver best in class graduate education for working professionals across Asia. Aventis offers an exciting suite of business programmes including Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics & Data Storytelling, Master of Science in Cyber Security, Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Psychology & Mental HealthGraduate Diploma In Business Sustainability & Environment, Social And Governance (ESG), Graduate Diploma in Organizational Psychology, Master of Science in Global Financial Management.

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