Why is it Important to Understand Psychology in Business? Here are 3 Important Interpersonal Skills you will Gain when Studying Psychology

October 29, 2021

Why is it Important to Understand Psychology in Business? Here are 3 Important Interpersonal Skills you will Gain when Studying Psychology

Why is it important to understand psychology in business? Considering taking up a psychology and counselling course? Check out Aventis’s management MSC courses here.

For many students, the journey post-graduation may take them outside of the world of psychology.

Studying psychology can be of help to others, but studying psychology will also allow students to benefit from it. Psychology is one of the best qualifications for transferable skills, and your last years of studies have equipped you with a whole heap of skills that will stand you in excellent stead as you start your career. Studying psychology helps students develop interpersonal skills and transferrable workplace abilities that will be useful throughout their lives.

Here are some ways you will benefit from studying psychology:

1. Increase in self-awareness

As a psychology student, you would be learning about human emotions, thought processes, motivations, and behavior. Through this, you are able to gain insights and discover your learning and memory performance, your motivations, and your ability to cope with pressure. Knowing yourself helps you have better judgement and, hence, are able to make objective decisions. You will have more control of yourself, and this will build confidence and stronger relationships with others.

2. Improve communications skills

Additionally, you will also be learning about social interactions, language and communication, human relationships, and many other aspects of human behaviour. By understanding how people act in different situations and the best way to reach out to them, you are able to develop great communication skills. You will gain the ability to structure an argument and discuss a topic clearly. This would make you a better communicator, a skill that is highly valuable in your daily life and also an asset in any workplace. All professionals must interact with other people, whether they be colleagues, customers, patients, clients, or other professionals. Understanding how and why people act can give a new perspective on communication and human relations.

3. Enhance critical thinking skills

As a psychology student, you will also be trained in analytical thinking and scientific research methods. Learning more about how to gather, organize, analyze, and interpret data can be useful in many areas. This allows you to evaluate sources of information and teaches you to think critically about the information you encounter on a daily basis. Part of critical thinking is looking at issues from several different points of view, and you have lots of experience of doing this. Through learning psychology, you are able to hone these skills, which prove useful in a variety of careers and different areas of life.

Studying psychology opens up a wide range of career options for you, both in the psychology field and outside. Graduates may choose to explore career opportunities in media, marketing, HR, law enforcement, finance, health, and education, as well as government and non-governmental agencies and healthcare organisations. With these skills in hand, you are not only able to work in the area that you are truly passionate about, but you are also able to perform well and effectively achieve what you set out to do both professionally and personally.

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