10 Artificial Intelligence Statistics to Blow Your Mind in 2022

July 23, 2022

10 Artificial Intelligence Statistics to Blow Your Mind in 2022

As both humans and technology continue to evolve and intersect, it’s not surprising that we have made advancements that affect our outlook on life.

Keep scrolling to find out just how much AI is currently a part of our daily lives and what lies ahead!

1. Artificial Intelligence stats for 2022 reveal that the AI market’s global revenue will be $432.8 billion.

(Source: Business Standard)

This revenue will come from software, hardware, and other AI services. Moreover, the International Data Corporation predicts that the market will break $500 billion in 2023.

2. The AI industry will be 26.1% of the total GDP in 2030.

(Source: PWC)

There is not a region in the world that won’t be impacted by AI technology. However, China and the US will see the most significant benefits of economic growth because of it. 

3. In 2020, the Artificial Intelligence market size was over $35 billion.

(Source: Fortune Business Insights)

As many industries worldwide are figuring out ways to incorporate the different types of artificial intelligence into their businesses, some projections predict the market will grow at a CAGR of 33.6% between 2021 and 2028.

Therefore, from its value of $47 billion in 2021, this evolving market is expected to reach $360 billion in 2028.

4. 37% of users would use a chatbot to get a quick response.

(Source: Drift)

Future predictions say that the market will grow and chatbots will become popular for customers to get information and help. For example, 35% claimed that they would reach out to a bot to resolve a problem or a complaint.

5. Quality control was the main reason to introduce AI in healthcare in 60% of all cases.

(Source: Statista)

Artificial intelligence statistics indicate that quality control is why the pharma and healthcare industries employ this new technology. The second most popular reason was customer care (44%), with monitoring and diagnostics close behind (42%).

6. A study used 100 million Instagram photos to study the human condition.

(Source: Bernard Marr)

Do you remember when Instagram switched from reverse-chronological order to mixed order on the feed? They did it using AI, showing you images that the algorithms think are more relevant to your interests.

7. In April 2020, a website used AI to predict COVID-19 infections, deaths, and recovery timelines.

(Source: Covid19-projections)

An independent data scientist, Youyang Gu, launched the site “Covid19-projections.com” in order to predict transmission rates. In the months after, it became one of the most widely-cited prediction websites for AI.

8. In 2019, Singapore collaborated with Fitbit to provide its citizens with free fitness trackers.

(Source: Global Market Insights)

These free AI fitness trackers were part of a program to encourage people to exercise more. Moreover, governments globally support the use of wearable tech to promote healthy lifestyles and curb rising health issues.

9. AI-based spam filters can block 99.9% of spam emails.

(Source: Emerj)

No one likes receiving those weird emails where someone claims a relative has died, and now you have inherited their fortune. After all, emails are supposed to be used for marketing and social communications. Luckily, artificial intelligence predictions indicate that these ever-evolving filters can be used to stop spam.

10. Facebook can understand and translate over 20 languages.

(Source: Marketing AI institute)

Artificial Intelligence statistics for 2021 show that Facebook has a deep learning engine capable of understanding the text on the platform with close to human accuracy.


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