Professional Graduate Diploma in Counter Terrorism and Security

Developing your ability to critique current terrorist threats.

Professional Graduate Diploma in Counter Terrorism and Security


This programme seeks to improve professional standards by deepening students’ understanding of the history and motivates of terrorism. Hence, developing their ability to critique current terrorist threats and possible counter terrorist measures.

6 Months Part Time
Weekend Classes
4 Modules

Programme Structure

This Graduate Diploma comprises of 4 modules and is structured around the work commitments and priorities of working professionals. The details of the modules can be found below.


Examine the development of security, and the application of criminological theory to security.

Explore the evolution of national security and counterterrorism and evaluates approaches to formulating effective counterterrorist strategies.

Address on the security professional’s fundamental responsibilities, such as planning, compliance, applicant screening, and workplace safety.

Acquire the methodological skills and theoretical tools that criminology practitioner’s use, and study specific ways of understanding people and their behaviour.


This is 100% coursework based program.

Delivery Structure

The classes would be held at 4 weekend blocks of 2 full day classes.

9am to 5pm9am to 5pm


After studying this Professional Graduate Diploma, you would be able to have a chance to pursue a rewarding career as a (but not limited to):

  • Policy makers in government institutions
  • Police, Military, Customs and Immigration
  • Emergency Services and Public Transport
  • Airport and Airline Security

Admission Criteria

Participants are expected to contribute to the class learning experiences in a cohort and peer learning environment. You will be assessed based on experience, aptitude, potential and managerial skills.

At least 21 years old

A Diploma in any course (minimum of 5 years relevant work experience).

Mature Candidates (at least 30 years old) with minimum 8 years of working experience.


Please download the brochure or enquire at 9151 3308  for more information.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 9151 3308.

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