100 Innovation Secrets of Successful Innovators and ‘Moonshot’ Companies

July 16, 2020

100 Innovation Secrets of Successful Innovators and ‘Moonshot’ Companies
July 16, 2020
4.00PM - 5.30PM
Online Webinar

In a world ‘dogged’ by relentless change and intensifying competition, the impetus for constant innovation and the ‘next big thing’ manifests itself in the form of a need for faster digital transformation, business model remodeling and stronger relevance to the business communities and societal expectations.

In this highly application-packed webinar, participants will be introduced to over 100 effective innovation tactics and strategies used by highly successful innovators, trendsetters, and billion-dollar unicorn companies. Infused with plenty of relevant case studies and simple to comprehend examples, the success blueprints of these innovative organizations will be unveiled as we seek to enable how common ‘cookie-cutter’ organizations and their people can take the next step towards greater innovative heights.

In this highly interactive and enriching session, we seek to equip participants with exciting insights and key executable takeaways through an examination of case studies such as Harley Davidson, Disney, LEGO, Nespresso, eBay, Haw Par Corporation, Bossard, Timbre Group, Unilever, Ong & Ong, KOI, AirBnB, AirBnB, Gilette, etc.

– ‘Speedboats’ versus ‘tankers’: Which is a better innovator?
– Ten types of innovation
– 113 ‘moon shot’ innovation tactics and strategies
– 21 profit model innovation tactics
– 10 network innovation tactics
– 9 structure innovation tactics
– 14 process innovation tactics
– 12 product performance innovation tactics
– 6 product system innovation tactics
– 12 service innovation tactics
– 11 channel innovation tactics
– 8 brand innovation tactics
– 10 customer engagement innovation tactics
– Bringing them all together for a differentiated business model

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