7 Tips to Turn Customer Complaints Into Opportunities For Yourself

July 23, 2022

7 Tips to Turn Customer Complaints Into Opportunities For Yourself

One of many insightful quotes from Bill Gates offers powerful advice for business owners: “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Taking steps to turn customer complaints into opportunities not only creates happy customers, but also helps stem customer churn, drive ROI, and build brand loyalty.

Start with these seven tips.

1. Make it your job. 

Before your startup reaches scale, you have a lot to work out. Customer feedback, particularly complaints, can help you stay focused on what matters. For this reason, I always suggest founding teams choose an individual to consistently deal with complaints and report back. This also ensures you are hearing the information directly from your customers.

2. Welcome complaints. 

Give customers a direct line to you. Post on your website, and in other customer communications, that you welcome and appreciate their feedback. Remember, it is always better to hear from a customer with a complaint than to let them simply stop being a customer. Jeff Bezos once famously tested his own customer service to find out firsthand what kind of service his customers were experiencing.

3. Make it easy.

When unhappy customers struggle to complain, they usually just end up frustrated. They might even give up on your company without you ever knowing the reason. But when a customer finds it easy to complain, it provides you with valuable insight into the problem and you have a second chance to make things right. My favorite new way to make it easy is to include a “live chat” function on your website, often powered by chatbots. That way, digital agents can handle the majority of customer issues. 

4. Track every complaint.

This not only ensures complaints get addressed, but also helps when it comes to data mining. Track how long it takes to resolve each issue and how often similar issues arise. Remember, we measure what matters, and what matters, we measure. So if complaints matter, track and measure them. It’s not only about making sure each is dealt with in a timely manner, but also learning from each one. 

5. Share what you learn.

Communicate with your team regularly about the complaints coming in and how they are resolved. This will ensure everyone is on the same page and is better prepared to handle common issues with ease.

6. Make it right.

You, not your customer service agents, are the business. You have the ability and power to make it right and should be willing to do anything to make that happen. Always be willing to go that extra mile for your early adopters. 

7. Be transparent.

Do not hesitate to post a common complaint and the solution to your FAQs, since it is unlikely that a given person complaining is the only one with this issue. By posting solutions, you can not only cut down on future complaints but also show that you care about serving your customers—which will encourage loyalty. 

A Complaint Is a Gift: Using Feedback Effectively

Customer complaints are a strategic element for organizations. They represent a second opportunity to satisfy the customers who have made the complaints, converting their dissatisfaction into satisfaction and loyalty toward the organization. They also represent an important source of information for product, service, and process improvement. Therefore, knowing how to effectively manage customer complaints is key to an organization’s competitiveness and reputation in a market unquestionably becoming increasingly volatile and uncertain.


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